Friday, April 2, 2010

Atlanta is Burning!

Original Post Date: 2/24/10 got me. It's not really burning. That was just my cool way of saying, "I'm in Atlanta working my tuchus off."

Monday morning I was up at 3am as I had a very early flight to Atlanta. There weren't any cars to rent available to me this week for under $100/day so no car for me. There is a subway system in Atlanta though and it stops right inside the airport and one of the last stops is right across the street from the office. Subways are pretty easy, right? Yes. they are. Especially was just a little unnerving when the crazy man started trying to rap. I resisted the urge to request "pants on the ground" as I wasnt sure if he was concealing a weapon. Also, a trip on the subway is $2.50 and I only needed one ticket but only had a $20 bill. I saw that the machine had a change bin that was pretty big so I went ahead and put the 20 big deal, I wanted change anyway. Boy did I get change!! I got 17 dollar coins and 2 quarters. I thought maybe I was actually at the Las Vegas office playing the slots and won. Quite the variety too--JQ Adams, Monroe, Sacajawea, Susan B. Anthony, etc. I'm keepin the Adams one (duh).

Went to the office, worked, then left when it was starting to get dark. The hotel was less than a quarter mile away so I just walked. Then did some serious speedwalking (in heels!) another quarter mile down the road to find food as I hadn't eaten anything since lunch the day before and was starving. Found an Arbys. got too much food, speedwalked back to the hotel as it was getting pretty darn close to being too dark to be out alone, and then ate too much. and I was totally whooped. Momma warned me not to wear heels but I, of course, didn't listen and thought I knew better (why do I never learn?) and pained feet ensued.

I worked alllllllll day yesterday and then went to a sports bar/restaurant. It was trivia night. They had a Bible question: "Who was the first person in the Bible to get drunk?" Thought that was kind of a fun question. Answer is Noah by the way. The man even gave the reference and everything.

Today I worked alllllll day. I took a short break and had a "Princess" battle on facebook with Tegan... and also Billy who evidently wants to claim being the princess stating that both Tegan and I were "noobs" and lacking skills [compared to him]... Whatever, I'm the Princess. I won.

I skipped lunch and was hungry by the time 6pm came around as I had been working since 8:30am. I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my hotel room and realized I would have to tip the delivery man. And with what? My subway ticket booth slot winnings. Mr. Dominos delivery man was thrilled. Who doesn't like heavy change jingling in their pocket?

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