Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I’m breaking this up since I failed yet again to update. First is easter weekend.

I left for Nashville after work on Good Friday. I skipped lunch a couple days so that I would be able to leave early and miss the nasty Atlanta traffic. Unfortunately, everyone else in Atlanta had the same idea and I spent nearly an hour and a half just getting out of greater Atlanta (should have taken about 15-20 minutes). I went along my merry way through Chattanooga…and was thoroughly confused when I went through Chattanooga (TN) and then probably 20 minutes later I hit a sign that said “welcome to Tennessee” … I thought I was already in Tennessee? I had been, but evidently, you enter TN, re-enter GA, and then re-enter TN again. It’s a good thing it isn’t like NJ where you have to pay to get out of the state. I didn’t want to arrive too late but because of the traffic, I didn’t get there till about 9:15. Luckily, I’d forgotten about the time change and it was actually only 8:15.

It was a fun weekend. Lots of good food, just like I expected. I ate the middle of the cake (though not on purpose, though my uncle might claim otherwise). I probably shouldn’t tell him after the fact that I prefer the edges huh? Hahahahaha! Did a photoshoot of mainly headshots that mostly turned out well. I’m probably too critical of myself…hate my teeth, hate my nose, hate my sometimes baby-fat face. Eh well. Watched ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans’ and frankly, I liked it. I know it got bad reviews, but I enjoyed it. It was funny to me…and I don’t care how repetitive Hugh Grant’s movie choices are, he’s still Hugh Grant and I still love him…even if he is starting to look a little rough around the edges.

Went to church Easter morning in my pretty easter dress. It was lavender. I’ve never worn lavender before but it was actually quite nice looking on me. It was weird to be wearing a light color though…I’m so used to dark autumn colors and black. Headed back to Atlanta around 3:30 and got home in 4 hours with a stop at McDonald’s to get the puppy a hamburger. Yes, I know, it’s shocking…he hardly ate all weekend and I felt bad so I bought him a hamburger. And let me tell you, he enjoyed it. Haha

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