Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Confederate Memorial Day

I know, fail again. The neighbor’s internet disappeared. Not locked, just gone. Guess I’m going to have to pay for my own internet now.

Last weekend I decided to go to this thing called Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw, GA (I think it was about 45 minutes north). It was nice…Kennesaw has a small town feel to it…of course in the south that includes an old Civil War era building that looks like the Belle Watley’s saloon in Gone with the Wind. They were proudly flying the Confederate flag and there was a big confederate soldier painted on the side of the building. The south really is an interesting place. The festival was actually kinda fun…I dipped vegetables in a 3-beer dipping sauce with a couple Kennesaw policemen, watched as couples pushed their children around in strollers with one hand while holding a beer in the other, watched a fight between dueling birdhouse vendors, saw a guy dressed in a bear costume just walkin down the sidewalk, and even got a couple interesting things—like the 3 beer rub, some home fragrance crystals (that actually really work well), and some dried pieces of sweet potato for the puppy (he loves them). I also got a really cool chance to share my faith when the fragrance crystal lady saw the tattoo on my wrist and asked me what it meant. It’s Imago Dei, which is latin for Image of God. By explaining why this meant so much as to put it on my skin for life, I could share my faith and my desire to live for Christ and strive to be like Him. It’s like a WWJD thing, only cooler. People know what WWJD is, they won’t ask. Most people don’t know Latin and so they ask what it says—giving me a chance to tell them.

This past Friday was not a good day. By mid-day, everything hit me pretty hard. I was feeling like I made the wrong decision to move somewhere where I don’t know anyone, and I hadn’t found a church that really made me go, “this is it.” With Gateway, I knew the second I walked in the door. I hadn’t gotten that anywhere and I only had one more church left to try. I was feeling so lonely and sad that I ended up crying. Then Saturday morning, while I was still laying in bed, my grandma called and said her, my grandpa and my aunt and uncle were coming through Atlanta on their way back to Nashville from SC and asked if I wanted to have lunch with them. I was elated. I was going to have personal human interaction!...then I realized my apartment was an absolute mess and I had only a couple hours to make it presentable…knowing that my grandma and aunt like to open every door available, I couldn’t just cram everything into closets. I managed well. I cleaned the kitchen, set up the guest bathroom, uncovered my bedroom floor, and started to unpack my books (there are a lot of them, it takes awhile…plus they are separated by genre and then ordered alphabetically). They all liked my apartment, said hi to Quincy, and then we went to 5 Guys for lunch. It was nice, and I’m so grateful they came. Then Quincy had to go to the Vet in the afternoon. Poor baby got 2 shots, 1 nose spray, a thermometer up his butt, and an appointment for a dental cleaning. But he was a really good sport…he even took a nap while I was talking to the doctor. I couldn’t help but laugh when she stuck the thermometer up his butt though…he just looked up at me with giant, shocked eyes like “momma…?”

I found my church on Sunday. The last church. A church that I only found by accident when I missed my turn and drove where I never would have had a reason to drive to. It was totally a God-thing. The church is completely genuine, and the people are kind and very welcoming. I got 2 hugs and a kiss on the cheek (and if you know me, you know I probably was caught off-guard by that), but it didn’t really bother me. I was also invited to lunch. I teared up on my way home. No one at any of the other churches barely said a word to me, and here I was being welcomed with open arms (literally). The pastor is great and a Godly man, and he’s also pretty darn funny. He uses it well too. He’ll be talking, say something humorous so that everyone is laughing and then BAM, he makes his point and you’re like, “whoa.” Also doesn’t hurt that the seats are new theater-type seats…very comfortable…which is good because, like Gateway, the services can evidently go pretty long. Yesterday was just under 2 hours.

Oh, on Saturday it was storming pretty hard the whole day—thunder, lightning, tornado watch. At one point I couldn’t find Quincy. He wasn’t in his room, on the couch, on the bed, or directly under my feet (the only places he ever is). Then I look in the guest bathroom and he’s in the part with the bath tub, in the dark, curled up in a ball…He is REALLY afraid of thunderstorms.

Today is Confederate Memorial Day down south (as implied by the title). I caught a news article today about a service held in Alabama: "Anthony used the annual Confederate Memorial Day service Sunday at Pine Hill Cemetery in Auburn to blast the northern states for what he considered “four years of Yankee terrorism” against the south during the Civil War...Anthony, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Tallassee Armory Guards No. 1921, apologized to any Yankees in attendance for his rant. “I get a little upset when I think about what the Yankees did,” he said to the crowd gathered on a sunny afternoon. Anthony said he doesn’t blame northerners for the “terrorist acts” of their ancestors, but rather the course of history that led to stories of southern fighters being omitted from history books. He said the omission is a mistake, leading to the miseducation of generations." ...Now here's a special bulletin from yours truly: Dear Mr. Anthony, THE CIVIL WAR ENDED 145 YEARS AGO. The South lost, it's time to move on. Also, the South itself could've been considered terrorists by their act of secession and most likely committed many of the same crimes against yankees that the yankees committed against the south, so be careful in your accusations that the North committed "terrorist acts." Really? Terrorist? Research, think, then speak. You have freedom of speech, so you can speak. Just research objectively first rather than just spouting off versions of what your father and grandfathers probably told you. Sincerely, me. Overall, I find the whole 'South will rise again' mentality to be humorous, but this guy just annoyed me. Don't toss is the word "terrorism" just for shock value if you aren't going to back it up. And there was no miseducation of generations. I learned about the Civil War in New Jersey and you know what I was taught? Not that it was a war against slavery, but it was a war for states' rights. Is that miseducation? No, it's not. (Yes, I'm aware that slavery was part of the issue, but the main contention was states' rights). Ok, rant over.

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