Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 13

This weekend was fun. I went to Chattahoochee National Park to go trail running. It’s so beautiful. It’s a park settled along the Chattahoochee River (and I love rivers). I took pictures with my phone periodically during my run. It’s about all I could do with my phone too. Shake shuffle does not work out too well during a trail run. Every other step the song changes on you. It was fun. And I decided that running 3 miles on a mountain trail involving stairs, fallen logs (thanks beaver), roots, rocks, etc. is about the same as running 10 miles on a completely flat concrete surface. I really enjoyed it though. It was exhilarating. And every person I passed by (mostly kindly old men with their dogs) just smiled and said hello. No glares or anything…and most importantly, no catcalls like I would get in Jersey and CA.

I went home and set up my kitchen, shoved all the ‘meant for storage until I have kids of my own’ and memorabilia boxes into one of the closets in the guest room, and then watched a couple movies. What? I was tired. And I had a headache. At least the kitchen is set up…if you don’t count the table which is still in two parts.

Sunday I got up and headed to what I thought was the most promising church. The website made it look a lot like Gateway (my church in NJ) so I was excited. When I got there, I quickly realized it was nothing like Gateway (except that everyone was nice and welcoming but it is also the South). Also turns out it was a Lutheran church. I don’t care that it’s Lutheran so much (after all, my stepdad Tim goes to a Lutheran church), but it’s just not for me…too rigid. I like to get up and jump around…not try to make an already slow praise song from the mid-90s slower than humanly possible. All was not lost, however, as I did get a snack consisting of a Styrofoam wafer dipped in wine. I will admit that I was confused at the end. I’m familiar with the fact that Lutheran churches recite certain phrases periodically and evidently, there is one that signifies that the service is over. Everyone all of a sudden recited something that ended with Aleluia and got up to leave while I sat there thinking, “what? Is it over? … oh ok.”

Then I headed to church #2 (I am not patient and just want to find a church as quickly as possible). I was going to a church in Roswell (where I would then stop at Counter Burger for lunch) but felt God pulling me back to North Point. At the Lutheran church they give you a gift if you are a first time visitor –it happened to be one of Andy Stanley’s small books (Andy Stanley is the pastor at North Point), then on the radio they talked about something Andy Stanley said. And I felt a pull, so I changed course and went to North Point. It was an incredible message (not given by Andy Stanley, but by one of the middle school pastors) about “Where is God’s love Now?” (in the troubled times). It was excellent. It is probably still on the website too, so go to northpoint.org and click on Messages, and watch it (may be under ‘latest message’). North Point is definitely a contender, but there are 2 more churches I want to try next Sunday before I make my decision.

I took a nap after church with Quincy.

Today I worked…and hit day number 3 without carbs. Shoot me.

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