Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Self Check-out

There should be rules for who is allowed to use the self checkout lanes.

1. If you don't know what you are supposed to scan on your product, get away from the self checkout.

2. If you are going to move slower than a snail, get away from the self-checkout.

3. If you have A WHOLE CART FULL of crap, GET AWAY FROM THE SELF CHECKOUT (unless it's one with a belt).

4. If you don't speak english or spanish, you CAN'T USE THE SELF CHECKOUT.

5. you cannot hit "i don't want to bag this item" and then bag it.

6. Do not use the self-checkout, get as far as 'choose your type of payment' and then just walk away and out the door without a word to anyone. Seriously? (yeah, it was a man, so asking a question of the woman standing right there monitoring the self-checkout lanes was clearly out of the question) At least hit cancel.

7. Really, unless you once worked as a cashier, please stay away from the self-checkout.


  1. so see? those self-checkouts in Tennessee HAD a belt, so it was fine for me to take our cart full of stuff to there!

  2. That was a tiny belt. And I had to step in and take over. lol