Friday, April 2, 2010

So I'm in Atlanta Now

Huh…I said I would update more didn’t I…whoops. In my defense, I’ve lived a rather hectic life for the past few weeks. Down to Atlanta Monday, back up to NJ Friday, busy all weekends. Now, though, I am officially an Atlanta resident. Actually, I’m not sure how official that ‘officially’ really is since I haven’t gone to get my GA driver’s license or plates…and I still have and will continue to have for quite a while my NJ cell phone number. But I live down here full time now and don’t go back to NJ on the weekends (much to all my friends’ chagrin).

I moved down this past weekend. Upon loading up the moving truck I discovered something: I am so glad that there are no mice in my Atlanta apartment. I disgustingly discovered that my mouse problem in jersey was much worse than I thought. First clue: upon lifting the couch up, I see that the mice had been stealing Quincy’s (my dog) food and storing it under the couch in mass quantities. Also, upon lifting up the chair, hearing dog food roll around inside the bottom of it. It gave me horrible heeby-jeebies. And now I understand why sometimes Quincy refused to eat his food. It’s weird cuz I checked his bed and food everyday for “evidence” and never found any. And no, he did not stuff his own food under the couch. Second clue: finding dead mouse #9…actually, he may be counted twice because I probably counted him when I smelled him and thought he was dead in the wall but upon moving the bed found him half hidden under the radiator heat duct thingy…no wonder it smelled…he was roastin’ away. And for the record, I looked for a looooong time for the source of the smell and never found it which is why I thought it was in the wall. Third clue: “Evidence” found under things and in corners hidden by furniture. Needless to say, I was glad I did not sleep there one night more.

Saturday was moving day. It’s a 13 ½ hour drive from Clinton to Atlanta. Even with one gas stop, 3 rest area stops, and 1 food stop, I made it in 12 hours and 50 minutes. Woot Woot! Haha (pretend you didn’t read that grandma). While Quincy and I made it that fast, my father and the moving truck didn’t…so I collapsed to the floor and laid there for awhile. Then when he got there, we unloaded EVERYTHING…and in 2 hours. I’m still not sure how that happened…but it did.

Sunday morning I discovered that my key didn’t work in the bottom lock of my door. I found this out upon coming back from a morning walk with Quincy. Luckily my father was scheduled to arrive within 20 minutes because my phone was inside the apartment and it was Sunday so the office was closed. I ended up getting maintenance on the phone and an hour later he was wrenching the door handle off and putting on a new one. Did you know it’s really easy to wrench a door handle off? Food for thought. Then went to the late service (12:45pm) at North Point (Andy Stanley’s church). It’s a nice church. About 13,000 people attend (over the 3 services). The video production is amazing and the worship band is probably the best I’ve heard since Paul [Stephens] back at APU (and, btw, now he’s at Faith Community in West Covina). But, they also drive out from Nashville every Sunday so of course they’re amazing. They opened with a great little Uncle Kracker song haha. I would definitely have to hook into the singles ministry in order to meet anyone though. If you don’t get involved then there is no way you won’t be disconnected from it all.

Monday it was back to work…and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday (and tomorrow). I haven’t really unpacked. I opened the dinnerware box and grabbed a plate and a cup (my Lion King cup from the show in NY that you get when you order a soda at the bar no matter how old you are). I also opened a box of clothes…but just rifled through looking for what I wanted and left the rest. I’ve been so tired after work that I just couldn’t bring myself to do any unpacking…maybe next weekend.

I say next weekend because this weekend I’m going to Nashville!! YEY!! Well, just south of Nashville if you want to get technical. Spending the Easter holiday with my wonnnnnnderful Aunt Cindy and Uncle Bob. I’m secretly hoping I get to take a trip to the dump. Hahaha JUST KIDDING. My uncle was always trying to get me to go to the dump when I lived there. I did go once…so exciting it was. Mostly I’m excited for the food I’m going to eat. My aunt is like a gourmet cook…she even wrote a cookbook so I’m expecting some yummy goodness to hit my belly. I’m not kidding. When I lived there, I ran 1-3 miles everyday for 3 months and didn’t shed a pound. Anyway, I’m excited.

That is all.

Oh wait.

I also discovered—upon missing my turn—that while I absolutely adore beautiful red brick colonial/plantation/antebellum homes…an entire development of “Mc” versions disgusts me. It’s too much. It dulls the breath-taking effect of a genuinely beautiful, once unique styled home. I also found an exact replica of Linderhof Castle (I’m not kidding, and I’ve seen linderhof in person so trust me) as I drove along a road…I wonder if there was also a secret operahouse hidden in a cave in the backyard…In case you want a history lesson, Linderhof was a mini-replica of Versailles that Ludwig II had built in Bavaria. Ludwig is the dude that built, or half-built, the Neuschwanstein castle that looks like a fairy-tale and is the basis of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland. Ludwig II (who was completely 110% insane by the way) was afraid of people. He also loved opera like there was no tomorrow; however, because he was scared of people, he couldn’t go to the opera. So he built his own. In a cave behind Linderhof. He built the cave too. It was a floating opera. He took a ride on his little golden swan boat and watched a professional opera in his cave all by his lonesome. Special man he was…

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