Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I've Discovered about Georgia...so far

Things I’ve discovered so far about living in Atlanta:

1. It must not be illegal to carry (and drink from) open alcoholic containers. This is evidence by the guy about my age (not bad looking, but tad short) walking to the mailbox with his beer. At least it was after 5. 5:02 to be exact.

2. There are no mice. There are, however, gecko-y salamander things. I actually think I prefer the gecko…and they stay outside.

3. traffic is reminiscent of los angeles…possibly worse. If I don’t leave the office by 5:10, I will get stuck and it will take me about an hour to drive the 4 miles home. It only took one time for me to start working 7:30-4:30…and making sure that I actually do leave the office by 5.

4. the guys really are such incredible gentlemen. It’s really weird. I’m still getting use to it. In jersey most guys could care less about opening doors for girls or letting the girl get the good parking spot, or offering the girl the last shopping basket, etc. etc. Down here, the lady is always first in everything. Even the parking spaces. The men at my office building will always give up the ‘good’ spot – even if it is the only one if the other car is being driven by a woman. It’s nice. So, all you guys up there in jersey, take note! The lady always goes first, and the man always pays (and drives).

5. the beach is kinda far away. I’ll either be going to Charleston, SC, or Savannah/Tybee Island) to go to the beach. Both about 4+ hours away. GA is bigger than I realized.

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