Thursday, May 6, 2010

Again with a Fail...

I try and I try and I fail. By the time I get home I’m tired, so I don’t update. Ummmmm….so today Quincy had to go into the vet to get his teeth cleaned so I drop him off at 7am and then at 11:30ish I get a phone call with someone on the other end saying “Hi, is this Quincy’s mom?” I kinda chuckled at that but said yes…while slightly going into panic mode as she formulated the words, “Quincy’s under anesthesia right now and we’ve noticed….” He had to get some gum cut off and sent to a pathology lab to be tested…they think it’s some kind of gum disease which could explain the horrible breath. Won’t have those results till next week though.

I’m sick with a cold. I haven’t been sick in a really long time and forgot just how much I hate it. I can’t breathe I’m so stuffed up, and my head hurts and I’m tired. I’m going to be getting the dog, going home, chug some Nyquil and close my eyes. I’ll probably be able to update with some really crazy dream because that’s what Nyquil does to me. Seriously, really crazy dreams. One time I had a Nyquil dream that involved some members of my family, and logan babette, miss patty and kirk from Gilmore girls, and mark paul gosselar and we were on the set of Dallas., but it wasn’t a “set”…we were all living there like it was normal. Yeah, hello Nyquil.

I turn 25 on Sunday. Oy. A quarter of a century year old. I’m having some issues with it. Not so much with the wrinkles and such (that was my 24th birthday crisis), but with where I’m at in life. I’ve done a LOT, and had many adventures, but when I think about where I thought I’d be at 25 when I was 16 and 18…there’s just no similarity. I gave up a lot of dreams out of fear and I regret that, but what’s done is done, and I suppose there is a reason for it in the long run. God’s got me, so I’m just going to keep my head up and keep going and trusting Him. “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.

I will have much to update on come Monday. This weekend is going to be lots of fun. Girls weekend! :o)

Also exciting is next week I have a business trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I’m really psyched. I haven’t seen my LA friends in 2 years. Way too long, but when you have to work and don’t have money to spend on real food let alone traveling across the country, the time just gets away from you. I’m hoping for a visit to Disneyland. Or at least Henry’s Hat. OH and BJ’s pizza. Probably will stay away from Cabo lounge though…pretty sure my picture’s on the wall as “don’t let her in here” and it wouldn’t be a good picture either.

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