Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend and Vegas

Had lots of fun for my birthday weekend. After cleaning my apartment and setting up the guest room, I went to pick up my mom at the airport. Saturday I made my mom breakfast (Read: I poured cocoa puffs and milk into a bowl), and then we headed out to an antique mall in Marietta. She also got the opportunity to see the giant chicken first hand. Impressed she was haha. Found a couple things at the mall – a book from 1911 about the siege of Boston (Lexington and Concord), and an old food chopper from the 50s/60s for the kitchen. Then we did a bunch of shopping for my apartment before going back and moving some furniture around and hanging pictures and shelves. It looks really good. No pictures though until I finish the office…it’s only half done as I have to go pick up my other bookshelf…and chair. I also discovered that until I buy a gate that screws into the wall, Houdini (quincy) can no longer be kept in his room. No matter what I do, he manages to shove the gate out of the way…even if I have it barricaded with my guitar and chaise.

On Mothers Day/my birthday, we went to North Point and then I took my mom to her surprise. Jeof and I treated her to a fancy lunch at Chateau Elan. It was amazing. The food was incredible. There was Salmon Wellington with a champagne white sauce that was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. There was also prime rib, chicken lemongrass dumplings, flounder papier, sushi, bananas foster, other stuff, and the most amazing red velvet cake EVER. The only thing I didn’t like was the Caesar salad because it just had too much dressing. We were decidedly fat and happy so we went back to my apartment and vegged on the couch for a couple hours before I took her to the MARTA station. She insisted on taking the public transit train to the airport. It was still light out so I let her.

Tuesday VERY early (left home at 3am) I went to the airport to catch my flight to Vegas. Business, not pleasure. I was going to make it both, but by the time I left the office I had a migraine so I checked into my castle hotel (Excalibur) and once I got into my room (the cleaning lady was still cleaning it so I was sitting on my suitcase in the hallway) I laid down for a little bit, planning to get up and start exploring before it got dark and play some slots and blackjack. Next thing I knew, I woke up and it was 4am. Whoops. I had to take some time before I headed out to LA to at least visit a couple sites like the fountains at Caesars and look inside the Bellagio. Visit Treasure Island. BTW, the director in Vegas sounds exactly like Aiden from Sex and the City (also the groom from my big fat greek wedding)…and his name is Jim Carrey. After about a 4 hour drive, I’m now at my hotel in SoCal. Long day tomorrow meeting with one of the FiOS managers and then doing a ride along with one of the field supervisors.

I’ve decided that everytime I cross the border into Cali, my heart sings. One day, when I have the money, I will buy a house—or at least an apartment—in Cali. Either in OC or central coast. Probably central coast – less congested…and half way between my loves in San Francisco and LA/OC. I can dream, right?

K, I’m off to relax and sleep since I’ve got to be someplace between Long Beach and Whittier at 7 tomorrow morning.

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