Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy NyQuil Dream

It involved me, the basement fellowship room place at first baptist of san mateo, a bunch of people I didn't consciously recognize even though it seemed like I knew them in the dream, Steve Sanders (from 90210, and not the real guy, the actual character Steve Sanders), my friend James (Teachen), and for some reason it was youth group, but I was wearing the same pajamas I was actually sleeping in.

I was on the stage behind a wall divider sitting on a box with a couple friends, talking about something...I was upset. Steve Sanders, who is evidently a close friend like a brother, comes back and sits with me and then someone says, "He's here!" and then James walks into the room coming back from his year in China and I like instantly cheered up and ran to hug him and when I finally let go of him, I realized I was wearing pajamas even though everyone else in the dream was dressed for a casual party. I wondered why I was wearing my pajamas. Then I woke up.

I think drowsy medication must have some sort of hallucinogen in it.

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