Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An IKEA Adventure of Situational Comedic Proportions

On this past Saturday I got up and went to IKEA to get my furniture – bookshelves, office chair, some other things and let me tell you, those bookshelves are heavy. I couldn’t lift it, so I kind of maneuvered the cart to “catch” the bookshelf as I shoved it off the pile with all my might. A man decided this wasn’t the best idea so he stepped in and put the shelf on my cart for me. Then when I got to my car I thought I could just flip down the backseats and kind of shove/seesaw/propel the bookshelf into the car. Again, someone came by and thought this idea might not work and she had her son put everything in my car for me. Then I got home. Luckily I found that the parking corral in front of the sidewalk and thus closest to my apartment door was open so I backed in as far as I could leaving only about 15-20 feet between my car and my door. I looked around and saw that for once the whole area was desolate of people…meaning I would have to somehow do this myself. I shoved a bunch of crap under the bookshelf to lift it up and then went to the front passenger side and just shoved the sucker out the back of the trunk where it landed on the ground with a loud thud. I then proceeded to drag/shove it to the door and inside…where I had to then put it together. It wasn’t hard…and I didn’t irreversibly mess it up like I did the last one I put together. I hung a mirror and some pictures and shelves and put all my books in the bookshelves and then I collapsed on the couch in exhaustion after my 8 hour ordeal of IKEA furniture.

Today (Tuesday) I was driving to work and as I was sitting at a traffic light I looked to my right and saw 3 guys (1 pretty old, and two probably in their 30s) walking down the sidewalk away from me with hiking packs on their back and hiking poles in their hands. Then I looked down and saw that attached to a rope that was attached to the hiking packs were tires. Car tires. These guys were hiking through Atlanta (seemingly), a city, dragging a car tire behind each of them. I just kind of stared with my head cocked to the side and said, “huh….well…alright. To each his own?”

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