Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yes, I do look like Katherine Heigl.

So today I had to get up from a deep sleep earlier than I would've wished because I had an eye doctor appointment to get to. I walk in there and well, here's a transcript:

Dr: You look really familiar
Me: oh...uh...
Dr: Have I seen you before?
Me: No I'm pretty sure you haven't.
Dr: You've never come in here before? with a friend or family member?
Me: Nope
Dr: Do you have family members that see me?
Me: No...(at this point I'm thinking, I look familiar because I look like Katherine Heigl, but decide against saying anything about it)
Dr: Oh, ok. come on back.
---10 minutes later---
Dr: Oh I know! You know you look just like that actress that's been in a lot of movies lately...she was on Grey's Anatomy...
Me: (thinking, AND there it is...) haha yeah, I've been told that before...quite a bit actually.
Dr: wow, you really do. That's not a bad thing, if only you had her career and life, huh?
Me: Hah, from your lips to God's ears...

She did the rest of the exam and then sat back and said "Congratulations"...My first thought was she was going to finish that sentence with a "you're officially legally blind" (i have really bad eyes, though not nearly that bad). Instead she finished it with some of the most magical words I've ever heard: "you're a candidate for LASIK." Now all I need is $2500. I told her about my mom's lasik dilemma--how she was told her corneas were too thin for lasik surgery. She said it is a possibility it could be the same for me, but there is now a procedure for young people (pre-bifocal) that is basically a lens implant in the eye over the pupil that stays there forever. So, I can now see a light at the end of the God-forsaken tunnel of vision hell. A life without contacts and glasses (until I get old and need reading glasses) is within my sight...maybe even within my grasp in the next year. I should be able to get LASIK by next summer. I'm guessing the implants are more involved and expensive so if I cannot get lasik, I'll have to save up for awhile longer with a 5 year goal. But hopefully lasik will work perfectly.

Now I need a little nap before I get ready to go out and have some fun...hopefully the dilation in my eyes is gone by then...I look kinda freaky...almost demonic with my giant black pupils and nearly-gone irises.

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