Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today I ordered internet for at home. It's going to be weird having internet anywhere I have my computer. I couldn't afford even a dial-up connection when I lived in Jersey, so this will be the first time in nearly a year that I'll have it (at home...I had it at work of course). I'll actually have mobile internet so anywhere there is a Clear 4G network, Ill have internet, so all of greater Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, and I think Boston. It's awesome - I could take my computer to the woods with me, sit on a rock next to the river and have internet. I wouldn't do that considering I don't even take my phone with me when I'm in the woods because it's my peaceful, no technology time. If people can't wait an hour for me to do my trail run, then they need to take a technology break too.

So yeah, according to the email I just received, I'll get my usb thingy in the mail tomorrow...just in time for the weekend. Hulu won't know what hit it. Nor will Netflix. I'm not going to veg out and just watch nonsense all day, I just like having it on in the background while I clean and organize.

Actually, I think I will paint tomorrow. I have 2 canvases in need of color. Oh and by tomorrow, I don't mean tomorrow because I just realized tomorrow is Friday, not Saturday. I will paint Saturday. Now, I could've just deleted the 'tomorrow' and typed in 'Saturday' and then you would have never known my mistake. But I am not the government.

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