Friday, June 4, 2010

Memories are Great Things

Something triggered my mind to probably the first real memory I have of Ashley and Laura. Now I can't stop laughing as I remember many things from the 2 years we lived together. We were absolutely nuts. But it was a fun crazy.

Not crazy like my perpetually lying roommate I had senior year for a semester, or my freshman year roommate that tried to pick fights with me in her sleep and sleepwalked freaking me out. Just crazy like we were carefree and living the time we had a halloween party and one guy dressed in tiny hooters costume...very tiny. costume. yeah. burned into my brain. lol He really liked Laura hahaha

So yeah, my first time out with them and their friend Sara was to Beverly Hills to go to The Farm (the best salad EVER) and we didn't make it there in time because some idiot decided to try and jump from an overpass onto the 10 and traffic was being rerouted and we had to stop at a very sketchy 7-11 somewhere and sara got out and asked for directions. It was kinda scary. LA is a scary place depending on where you are. The area a block from Brentwood is actually worse than Watts, so its easy to end up in a not so good area. Anyway, we managed to keep ourselves busy. The 3 of them introduced me to their craziness. I joined in And I never looked back. The farm was closed so we hit up hollywood instead. And that was the start of a long, crazy, fun, wonderful friendship. :)

Hah, I'll have to take a picture of my birthday card from this year. It illustrates us very well. lol...there are tassles involved hahaha
Ok, sleepy time.

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