Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Mirror? No Problem...for a Pirate.

Soooooo, I got a new computer the other day. My Dell (or Dapple as people liked to call it because I slapped an apple sticker over top of the dell logo), was a good computer and well-built. I had it for 5 years. But it was very slow, gave me the blue screen of death at least once a week, and would take 10 minutes to start.

I did a lot of research because I wanted a good computer. I made some lovely pro/con lists which I use to make most of my most important decisions. I've wanted an apple for a long time and so I very nearly threw caution to the wind and bought one. But I didn't. I thought about why I wanted an apple and realized that with Windows 7 and new pc programs in the world, everything I would use an apple for, I could easily do on a it came down to realizing that the only reason I wanted an apple was because it was an apple. 'Apple' as a brand comes with a certain stigma--the "I'm hip and cool and look at me with my apple computer, my life revolves around brand-names." Which is totally what I use to be like. But it's not worth paying at least twice as much when I can get the same stuff out of a PC. Also, I've always been annoyed by not having a numberpad on a laptop and my new computer has one. And a quick disclaimer - if you have an apple that's great - maybe you need it for things that pc doesn't do as well. It's when you get an apple...or anything material...because you think it comes with a certain 'cool factor.' Hey, my Louis Vuitton comes with a significant cool factor, so I get the desire, but you know what? 3 years later and I don't care. I have a $700 stuff-holder. I could've used that $700 much more responsibly. However, I should warn you, should I ever get the chance/opportunity/funds, I will get my dream car (White Range Rover with light tan leather interior with black leather trim) and bags are very different things. Well, I'm totally off track. That's not what I was going for. Back to the purpose:

My new computer has a built-in webcam. This is a fancy new gadget for me. My dell did not have this. Actually, I'm not sure they existed at all when I got my dell. I also remember when the internet didn't even exist and I learned DOS and played a one-dimensional Oregon Trail (I) in computer class in elementary school. You know what I discovered about the webcam? I now use the 'test webcam' feature in skype instead of a mirror.

Also, I wish I was a pirate. It'd be cool to be a pirate. Not the modern day ones, but the old 16th and 17th century pirates. I was clearly born a few centuries too late.

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