Monday, June 7, 2010


I wish I could paint. I get these great ideas in my head for paintings and when I get to it and put color to canvas, it's just sad. Like, really awful. I really really suck at painting. I should stick to my other creative outlets. Writing and singing and acting...these things I'm great at. No more painting. It's a great outlet for stress until you step back and look at the craptastic thing and then it's just depressing.

And Grandmas, don't try to tell me I can, because I can't. I can't paint. nope. It's best to be honest. I'm 25. I can't paint. Just give me my guitar, piano, and typewriter and I'm happy. I don't care that I can't paint. I've finally accepted it. It's time to move on...after I redo the really bad abstract thing I tried to do for my music corner. And by really bad, I mean a blind dog could've done a better job.


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