Monday, June 21, 2010


You know, most of the time being proud is not really considered a good thing. Definitely not a virtue (CS Lewis wrote a whole chapter on pride...and it was good). But we should be proud to a certain degree--it kind of serves as a meter of our lives. Would I be proud to say I do this, have done this, etc? Am I proud of what I've accomplished? If we are doing something we can't be proud of, we shouldn't be doing it.

I'm feelin kind of proud right now haha. A friend of mine from college that I had a few poli sci classes with posted a question to Glenn Beck supporters on her facebook--about asking for an explanation to the whole controversial "these natural disasters are God's punishment" thing. I got Glenn Beck's Common Sense book but haven't read anything more than maybe 20-30 pages. I also don't agree with the whole natural disasters are God's punishment thing (see the ending of Noah's ark). Now, though I was more of a liberal in college, an early supporter of Obama (not anymore, calm down I voted for McCain), I am now known as a Conservative...and one who causes arguments and controversy with my conservative statements among more liberal and definitely far left liberal friends. I now try to keep my mouth shut for the most part, but I couldn't resist writing something that agreed with this friend (who is neither liberal nor conservative but votes/thinks along the lines of her Biblical interpretation...something we all should be doing in my opinion). Here is her response:

"Haha! I saw that you replied and I thought "oh, crap... of all the conservatives I'm friends with, she's probably the one I want to tick off the least."

That just made me laugh and feel good. I admit, I can get kinda fiery when I feel I'm being attacked. I don't like being told "no" or that I'm I launch. Kinda a tad bit proud of that. I like to think of it as a trait that's been in my blood, in my family for at least 6 generations. I'm a fighter. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today or gotten through what I've gotten through if I wasn't a fighter. So, thanks Liz! haha

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