Friday, June 4, 2010

Seriously?! TODAY is National Donut Day?

Of course the first day of detox is national donut day. I love donuts. I didn't use to but then I moved to the freakin donut capital of the world (LA County) where there is a donut shop on nearly every corner (ok, slight exaggeration). In fact, when Laura, Ashley, and I (and Caren, though she was well-behaved) lived in my townhouse, it was right across the street from Christy's Donuts. Not the best donuts in the world, but that didn't stop us. Oh no. Christy knew our names. More so Ashley and Laura, but still. OH and my friends used Christy's against me senior year. They call and say "hey, we're getting donuts by your place, come out and meet us". So I think, "doooonuuuttsss..." and go out. Only to be attacked by hoodlums dressed all in black (they clearly didn't learn from getting busted freshman year). They grabbed me, blindfolded me and shoved me in a car and then the next thing I know I'm flying through the air and landing in University's FREEZING cold pool. But I took down Brian and Bixby with me. But they used donuts to get me. Such sacrilege. Oh and here, my wonderful friends documented the attack.

So, everyone, enjoy your free donut and coffee beverage while I sit here and drink my broccoli and carrots. You know you're really jealous and want to drink this too:

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