Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shine On

Ladies and gentlemen,

After 2 months of searching (not hard, mind you) I have finally found some moonshine (bought it, and just tasted it too).

There's nothing in the world quite like you can see from the jar (it comes in a mason jar), the moonshine (or corn whiskey) is 80 proof, and not even 30 days old. You know how baby oil looks in it's container and feels? Well that is very much what this moonshine looks and feels like...and it even has an oily taste. It's shocking that you even notice the oily film in your mouth when your busy coughing and gagging from the turpentine-like smell and burning taste--and I only had a tiny sip. That is also all I'm going to have. I'm just gonna keep it around to bring out to make visitors taste.

In other news, the neighbors across from me had a party last night (the old dude with grey dreds) and I can't take Quincy out when there are so many very unfamiliar people because Quincy is pretty and everyone always wants to coo at him and pet him which scares the living daylights out of him, so I was quarantined to my apartment. Finally shortly after midnight I heard only 1 or 2 people so I figured Quincy could deal with that. Poor guy...lady was drunk and asked if she could pet his face. I said it was fine, got to be neighborly. Meanwhile quincy's freaking as she gets closer and cowers behind my legs but i get him around so she can pet him. It was more like fondling lol. She was just rubbin all over his face (didn't let go of the corona though). Quincy was traumatized and when I opened the front door he literally ran from the door and back into my bedroom and onto my bed.

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