Saturday, June 12, 2010


While I was running this morning, I came to some conclusions.

1. Atlanta is basically one huge sauna.

2. People are very fitness and environmental oriented. It's nice.

3. My dog has never chewed on anything but bones and a blanket...and then last night I caught him as he was about to clamp down on my most expensive pair of shoes. I haven to be more careful with my shoes.

4. Why on earth do we call american football "football" and rest of the entire world football "soccer." Football broken down is 'foot' and 'ball'. You use your feet to move the ball. American football is just a bunch of bruts smashing and tackling each other with their HANDS. They only use their feet for kickoffs and field goals. American football should not be called football. Football (the real world kind) is so much more intricate and tough game. and the players are so much nicer to look at. I love football...I personally root for West Ham United, though most of my other football-loving friends are Arsenal, and one is Chelsea (seriously, chelsea?). Obviously for the world cup I'm rooting for USA (we have 2 west ham players by the way), also South Africa, France, and Brazil... Why these choices? I have many South African friends, I love France, and Maria (my mom's friend) is a mayor in Brazil.

Ok, enough of this, I'm watching the England vs. USA match.

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