Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Ads

Some vintage advertisements...they're uhm special.

Cuz every little girl sleeps with a doll and a gun:

Um...good intentions? maybe? At least you have something to blame if your kid can't walk a straight line...

Ah, the good old days...

These two could be considered grounds for divorce these days:


So there are these spiders that like to congregate in the corners of my front door (on the outside thank god). No one else by me has these spiders...or webs. My aunt suggested I get Home Defense and spray it around the door because it worked for her and she's in Nashville which is only 4 hours away. I bought some and sprayed it this morning. Now, this spray said it kills/keeps away ants, other bugs, and spiders...except for brown recluse and black widows (the horribly poisionous spiders).

Let's just say the spray did not kill the spiders. Now guess who's freaking out?

Have you seen what happens when you get bit by a brown recluse? It's horrible. nasty. disgusting. I nearly threw up when I saw the picture...and now thinking about it again.

It did make them move and I then smashed the living daylight out of them but there is one more higher up that I can't reach. At least they are outside...I've very rarely had a spider in my apartment and they are harmless ones.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Texts from Mumsies

My mom just got the Droid X phone and "texted" me:

Mom: Hi jackie i'm talking to my phone and it's typing you a message!

Me: lol fancy! ...except your phone doesn't know how to spell my name


Me: too bad you didn't have this option when u were learning how to text and it would take you a day to respond...haha

Mom: It's taken me 24 hours to figure out how to do this

I have suggested she should do this when she's on the morphine after surgery. Jeof (my brother) would love a morphine-induced voice text. ;oP

PS My mumsies is awesome. obviously.


I'm frustrated. very very very very very very very frustrated.

TL 9000 is making me want to cry.

That's It!

I've decided I can't handle contacts anymore.

I've put myself on a total spending freeze (except for vital things like food and gas and rent and car) until I've got enough money for lasik. This may take longer if I decide to go the new route with wavelight lasik or just regular lasik. wavelight is wider so you don't get glare and/or halos at night...but my pupils also don't really get that big unless they're dilated, so I should be fine with regular lasik. Regular is also only $1000 per eye, rather than $2500 per eye. That's at the Atlanta Institute though...I'm wondering if I should go to Emory Vision...they are one of the better medical schools.

Oh, this freeze will start in October by the way.

Lasik will be my birthday present to myself next year...unless someone else wants to put me out of my misery and pay for it now. Any takers??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Conversation with the brother

I had a conversation with the brother on aim (the only one I know who still uses aim) because he asked if I could make a cake - a police box cake. I know not what this is. Anyway, he copied the convo and put it on tumblr.

I hate shark week if you can't tell.

Also, I want this so bad:

Sparkly Mercedes :o) Loves it.

Cold Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

Why is it that I love iced coffee (not blended, mind you), but when my hot coffee gets cold, it's disgusting?

Is it because iced coffee is brewed cold (or supposed to be brewed cold anyway)?

Or is it just some strange jedi mindtrick? I don't even know if that's a correct reference, I know nothing of jedi's as I've never seen Star Wars.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Egg in the Face

This morning I didn't have a lot of time so I decided to just microwave my eggs. Three egg whites and 1 yolk. Now, in college, the first time I did this, the egg exploded in the microwave and made a big mess. That's when my mom and grandma told me you have to poke the yolk before microwaving. So this time, years later, I remembered to poke the yolk first. Didn't matter. I pulled the bowl out of the microwave and stuck a fork into the white part to make sure nothing was runny and out of nowhere, the (cooked) yolk exploded in my face. I had to wash my face and totally reapply my makeup. I think I'll stick to scrambling the eggs on the stove...or get rid of the yolk altogether.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Number 3??

Oh man, I came across a really cool design that would make a great tattoo...but I already said I was stopping at 2 until my husband gives a 'yay' or 'nay' to tattoos. But 3 would definitely be it forever and the 3rd would be hidden kind of behind my ear and really small. I also really wanted a 3rd one to be just white, but I don't think that can be done.

I know, why get them if I make them small enough and placed well enough to hide? If I want them seen, they're seen. But I have to be able to hide them for important functions and meetings. My ankle/heel tattoo is only seen if I have sandals on, and I can easily cover my wrist tattoo with my watch. The third one behind my ear would only be seen if my hair was pulled back.

But don't worry, I have no plans to marry in the near future, nor do I know who the husband will be. Therefore, no tattoo for at least a year (more like 2-4 years). And I most likely won't even want another one by then. Heck, I probably won't want another one tomorrow.

Gettin there...

So after 4 months of living in Georgia, I think I'm getting used to the heat. I also now fully understand why the belles are getting fanned in the nap scene in Gone With the Wind. I've decided to figure out where I put the fan I bought in Spain so I can carry it around with me. It would work so much better than a stiff piece of paper.

I also brought my plant into the office. It was dying at home due to lack of sunlight (I leave the blinds shut to keep the heat out), and since I've got a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall window behind me, I brought it here. This plant is resilient...I forgot to water it for about 5 months once and it was still alive. Probably because then it at least had sunlight. Since we moved to a new suite, I now have a bookshelf in my office. Today I brought in the pictures I've been waiting to bring in forever. I could've taken them to the old office, but I knew we were moving so I waited. I've got one of those "inspiration" pictures--with a twist. It says, "I'm fairly certain that if given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." The other picture has more of a story. Back when I was a college graduate and had no real job, and after I'd come back from Spain, my father paid me to start demolishing the inside of a house he'd bought in Michigan. That was fun. I had a fubar and just started swinging. I got a couple nail holes in my body, but it was still fun. Very therapeutic. I pulled out carpet (to reveal a beautiful wood floor), knocked down kitchen cabinets and destapled the floor. I also started taking down wallpaper. That was...special. The first wallpaper I pulled was (once) goldish with velvet texturing (from like the 60s) and I pulled it down to discover hot pink wallpaper with Revolutionary war scenes on it (in the main hallway mind you). Well, I had to look twice at first because I realized that John Adams was on the wallpaper. I decided the wallpaper must be saved...I now have a piece of the whole wall (because the wallpaper wouldn't come off) framed and it's going to hang in my office. Also brought in my Trump, Maxwell, and Friedman books.

Also. 5 days till vacation. Smoky Mountains here I come. Can I dress up like a hillbilly to go to Dollywood? I'm not sure if I'll go to Dollywood or Dixie Stampede...which would have more fun mocking possibilities?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stupid Jersey Shore

I just saw that "Snooki" said this while washing clothes in a sink: "I feel like a pilgrim from the friggin' '20s!"

I would now like to take a moment to say that Snooki is not actually from New Jersey. She just spreads her diseases on NJ's beaches. Now, perhaps if she meant the 1620s, this would be an 'ok' statement...but it's Snooki and we all know she was referring to the 1920s. Maybe they did wash clothes in the sink in the 1920s, but they weren't pilgrims.

New Jersey already had a bad enough rep before Jersey there's just no coming thanks MTV...I now have to figure out a way to say I grew up in NJ without saying I grew up in NJ.

This is Snooki:

Classy, huh?


2+ hours in the hot sun with a shift-type shirt and no sunscreen equals major FAIL. There's also a burnline at my shoulders too...

The lines rival the lines from the LA Marathon except that I'm just a dark pink right now not a purple like then.

Don't I look like I'm gonna cry?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whale On-Board

Oh. Heck. No.

Have y'all seen this?! Now I know it's a well-known fact that I'm deathly afraid of sharks--I won't go in the ocean and even lakes and rivers are difficult and stressful for me. I also can't even watch Finding Nemo. However, it's not just sharks. The thought of whales freaks me out too. They are just so huge. If I had been on that boat I would be dead from a heart attack. "Scared to Death" would take on literal meaning.

For the record, I also don't like stingrays, jellyfish, man-o-wars, and barracudas. The only blowfish I like is on 21 Jump Street. I really never go in the ocean. You know those popular car chases in LA? Well think of that but on the beach. Freshman year of college, my "friends" Brian and Kyle chased me (full speed on all our parts) down the beach for I don't know how far...maybe half a mile before they overtook me and dragged me kicking and screaming into the ocean. The 30 seconds I was in the water, I was seriously panicking and I couldn't get out of the water fast enough. My friends were dying laughing...they think it's hilarious. I've ended up with a plastic shark in my toilet before (they were going to put a real one in).

But yeah, whale ON boat. heck no. whale BY boat...still heck no.


I got the ok to have the TL 9000 (Quality management system thingy I don't understand in the slightest) audit postponed so I can stop completely freaking out! Yay!

Freakout will most likely commence again after vacation...depending on the new dates of the audit. You'd think that since the company is technically already certified, it wouldn't be a problem...I don't get why they can't just switch the name.

Also. I love Crystal Light. It's carb-free, sugar-free, and only 3 calories per serving. SCORE. That's 0 (zero) points on weight watchers. Which would be awesome if I was doing weight watchers. I'm not but it's still awesome.

I'm going to pick out furniture this afternoon for the office. We have 3 pods of office furniture and I get to go help sort it and least decide what I want in my office. Do I want a couch or 2 chairs?? I kind of want a couch...much easier to nap on. (Just kidding!) If I had a couch, Quincy would have a place to lay down if I ever brought him to work. The floor is not an option...just ask my friend Raven. Her mom tried to put quincy on the floor this weekend and he was not having it. But yeah, I'm going to do that. That should be interesting. Oh man, I hope there aren't strange gross bugs or spiders. Speaking of spiders, my apartment door (on the outside) is like infested with them. None of the other doors have spiders, but mine does. I'll knock them down and a couple weeks later they're back in bigger force. It's annoying the heck outta me. I hate spiders. I'm pretty sure I've got 2 spider was 2 weeks ago and I can still see the spot.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The past 4 days have been a blur. I left for Boston at 4:30pm Friday, got to Raven's in NJ at 7am Saturday and dropped off the dog, then picked up Allison at 8, and got to Boston about 2:30pm (Sat). We left Boston about noon on Sunday, dropped Allison off about 5:30pm and then went to Gateway to pick up the dog and hang out for about an before having to leave to drive back to Atlanta to be at work on Monday. Yeah.

So we got to the hotel in Cambridge at 2:30, right? Since Rachel's wedding was a 15 minute cab ride away and started at 3:00, this was not good. It was doubly not good because my hair was not pretty at all and my makeup was non-existant. By the time I was as presentable as I was going to get, we had 10 minutes to get to the church. We were 5 minutes late and Rachel's brother snuck us in the side door right before Rachel started walking down the aisle (I know, horribly uncouth). The wedding was in the Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street. Like most things in Boston, it is a very old and beautiful also does not have air conditioning and it had to be at least 90 degrees that day. And old churches like that tend to not have good circulation and hold the heat. But it was a beautiful church with a long center aisle. The church:

The reception was a few blocks down from the church at The Harvard Club. This was a totally walkable distance...had I not chosen to wear 5 inch stilettos. There was some time to kill, so I suggested we just chill at a coffeeplace (Pavement) a couple blocks down Mass Ave from the Harvard Club, so really we added a total of 3 blocks to what it should've been. I was in pain by the time we reached the door. Cocktail hour was upstairs in the room with highly-notable Harvard alumni (including John Adams, of course) engraved on the walls with a ginormous portrait of George Washington. We then went into the ballroom which was just so beautiful and stately.
There was no bouquet toss...which is sad, but hey, I think it's a jinx anyway. There was some dancing and some great asian-inspired food. The club:

After the wedding, I slept like a rock. Probably has something to do with having been awake for 40 hours. The next day I dragged Allison to Quincy to visit Peacefield and show her where I plan on eloping/getting married (all I need is the guy...eventually, not now). It's beautiful and while weddings are technically prohibited, I'm hoping I'll be able to work something out. I want to get married in the little patch of green in the garden in front of the stone library.
Library and the rearview of Peacefield (Adams estate):

Then headed back to Jersey to drop off Allison and then pick up my dog at Gateway. Hung out at the church for about an hour before having to leave. I made it to 2am before I decided I had no choice and would have to stop and get a hotel for a few hours. I was fine with sleeping in the car at a rest area until someone reminded me of that guy who shot people at rest areas for no apparent reason. I got a crappy motel instead. I got the hotel at 2am and was back in the car at 6am. I had a schedule to keep. About 2 hours from home, Quincy decided he was carsick and puked on the backseat. That was nasty. An hour away from home, I hit traffic. Bad traffic...the cause of which involved 3 US Customs and Border Control vans. Maybe there was an accident with a truck and a bunch of illegals came spilling out? Finally got home and got right to work. Since there wasn't internet at the office, I worked from home for a few hours before crashing and going to sleep.

I am now attempting, have been for awhile actually, to understand and figure out something called TL 9000. The more I try to understand what the heck it is and what on earth I'm supposed to do, the more confused I get. It's stupid. I don't know who created the thing, but I do know where he's going when he dies...and it ain't up. Oh and I have a week and half to figure it out because there's an audit. One guy sent me a "helpful" link that was full of technical jargon. I DON'T KNOW TECHNICAL CRAP! I had to be shown how to burn a CD back in college. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I'm also not sure what good it does to have the audit in Atlanta when nothing technical is in atlanta...but whatever.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun Stuff

You have to watch the whole thing.

Is it just me, or does dude seem to be going double-time?

I...don't understand...but I can't not watch it...

Thursday, July 15, 2010



However, I am so not excited for the 18 hour drive, commencing at 4:30pm myself, no stopping (except for gas and ... ya know).

I've got the diet coke, vitacoco, and fruit in the fridge ready to go. I'll be dropping off my dog with my friend Raven before pickin up Snewton in NJ and then another 4 1/2 hours to boston.

I will be driving for 36 hours between Friday late afternoon and Monday morning. Prayers for my safety and state-of-awakeness are greatly appreciated. I tend to start falling asleep about 3am.

I'm considering getting a bag of dum-dum lollies to keep me focused on something. I've done it before, I just don't like to. I guess I should plan more in advance next time so I can fly or even take the train. I like the train. Maybe I'll take the train to Cleveland for my mom's surgery.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toast 102

Update to "Toast 101"

My grandma helped me out with figuring out how to make toast in the toaster oven. Turns out I was baking it, not toasting it. So when I got more bread, I tried to just toast it...15 minutes later my bread was still cold and I was getting aggravated. Then I realized the toaster oven was unplugged.

I should be studied...for as smart as I am, I can be really blonde sometimes...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Park

So yesterday I took the dog to the dog park. He always looks like he wants to play with the dogs in the apartment complex but with a 10 foot leash that's kind of difficult. So I found a dog park (of which there are many in greater Atlanta) and took Quincy for some fun. This dog park has a separate section for large dogs and small dogs. At 30 pounds, Quincy is right on the border (small dog section is up to 30 pounds). I decided for our first trip (because there were a LOT of big dogs in the large dog section) to stay in the small dog section. I don't think he's a big fan of small dogs. Also, while he looks interested and like he wants to play, he has trouble figuring out HOW to play and he ended up marking a bunch of trees and then laying down at my feet. But then this guy came in with 5 dogs--one being a large wirey german bird-dog dog...Quincy perked up but unfortunately bird-dog was as unfamiliar with the idea of playing as Quincy...they both laid down on the ground.

I did talk to a nice older guy (like 60s) who brought his two little dogs to try to socialize them...yeah at one point it was them and quincy...not much socializing, lemme tell ya. Anyway, I talked to him for probably an hour, but the funny part was when he asked what my dog's name was. Here:

Man: So what's his name?
Me: Quincy (it comes out as quinzee when I say it)
Man: Quinzy? Like with a 'z'?
Me: No, Quincy with a 'c'
Man: you're not from Atlanta are you...
Me: haha, nope.
Man: where are you from?
Me: For the most part, I grew up in Jersey.
Man: You don't really sound like you're from New Jersey
Me: Most people don't...I think the jersey accent's a myth

Later when I'm leaving...
Man: You know, sometimes you sound like you're from NY, then you sound like you're from down south, then you sound like neither, and you even have a slight british accent to some things...
Me: Yeah, I get that a lot. Once I acquire an accent, I can't really get rid of it completely and it randomly shows up depending on the word I'm saying...not sure if it's a blessing or a curse.
Man: [laughs] you're funny. It was nice meeting you.

It was a fun time...even when the annoying child came in and sat down next to me and yelled questions right in my ear about quincy and other random dogs. Ok, 1. Personal space little girl I've never before seen in my life. And, 2. Can society go back to teaching children "seen and not heard" or "speak when spoken to"?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Tanlines are annoying things.

When I ran the LA Marathon, I didn't wear any sunscreen whatsoever. I mean, the race starts at like 8am, so why would I need sunscreen? I should've checked the weather because by 9 the sun was blaring in the sky and it was 95 degrees. Fast-forward to the finish line when I was not even a lobster...I was the purple people-eater. Luckily I was so sore that I didn't notice the pain from the sunburn...until I scratched an itch. Anyway, for that marathon (which I ran with the university), the school had given us jerseys to wear. They were really nice, lightweight, marathon running jerseys (that I wish I knew where it was now)--but they had a small scoop neck and 2 inch shoulders. When you get tanlines that serious, they don't go away easily. No matter how you manipulate the sunscreen or wear certain things, that tanline just doesn't want to go away. Years later, I am still fighting with that tanline. My shoulders are ALWAY tanner than my collarbone area and it drives me nuts. When I tanned in a cancer box for nearly a year, they did pretty much go away, but now the lines are back. I should probably just learn to accept it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toast 101

I finally figured out how to make edible toast! I don't have a toaster, just a toaster oven and the process of making toast in a toaster oven is very convoluted...or maybe I'm just a cooking 101 reject (which is highly possible). First of all, toaster ovens have 3 dials (at least mine does)--the top has the degrees to bake at, the second is the type of baking you will be doing (bake, toast, etc), and then the timer. If you are toasting, do you have to set the degree dial? I set it at 500 because I just don't know what to do. Then I put the slice of bread in and time it. When I say I time it, I just twist the timer dial to whatever notch it stops at and go. I'll check it periodically and at some point flip it over to toast the other side. This is the hard part. For an entire package of bread, I burned to a crisp every single slice except for the very last one this morning. I guess I just have to check it more carefully. The trick is that you can't toast the bottom as long as the top...? I don't even use the toaster oven for anything but toast. If I'm baking something, regardless of size, I prefer the real oven. Yes, I'm 25 years old.

I think I'm going to get a real toaster...even though I jump every time it kicks the toast up at the end.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's incredibly disturbing what comes out of a 13 or 14 year old girl's mouths these days...what on earth is happening to the youth of America?? I wasn't an angel, but compared to what I've seen/heard lately, I must seem like Mary the mother of Jesus... Not even the people I went to North with would be caught dead talking the way kids talk today. The media is at fault, but not to blame. Who is letting the kids listen to and watch things like Twilight, True Blood and Gossip Girl? Parents. It's not just a tv show or movie or a song people. It gets into your head--into their heads. Many teenagers and younger have a difficult time distinguishing reality from fantasy. Gossip Girl is geared towards high schoolers...which considering what the characters do and how they behave on the show is just scary. And Twilight and True Blood? Millions of people are going absolutely nuts over Twilight (badly-written books and horrible screenplays btw)--imagination is good, but the fantasy world of vampires being promoted as good? really? Everytime I see hoards of people lining up or screaming in groups for Twilight, I think, what if all that energy was directed towards God? (Similar idea with Harry Potter, which I can't really say much about bc I've never read or seen HP) And then there's True Blood...True Blood is just plain old's just porn with an actual storyline. I tried to watch it once just to see what all the hype was about...It's disgusting in my opinion.

Whatever happened to shows like Family Matters, Step-by-Step, Full House, 21 JumpStreet, etc? I remember when I wasn't allowed to watch Friends...Friends can now be lumped in with Family Matters compared to what's on tv now.

My question is: How can this crap even be allowed on tv? How did we go from Dick Van Dyke not being able to share a bed with his wife to full-on seeing it all happen--and between two people who just met?

And an even bigger question is: Why are parents allowing their young teenagers to watch this stuff? Even 7-8 year olds I know have seen Twilight and Gossip Girl. Parents, there are family locks on tv's now--use them.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why Hate?

Some words that were exchanged on my cousin’s facebook the other day dropped a myriad of emotions and thoughts on me. My immediate reaction was anger. I had to fight with myself to keep from jumping in and slamming this kid’s face with a punch of words. I have a strong sense of loyalty to family and to my friends and when I see a friend or family member being thoughtlessly and cruelly attacked by a complete stranger out of pure bigotry, my outrage bubbles up and I have to fight off an slue of angry words and desire to physically harm the offender. And I certainly would cease any kind of relationship—friendship, acquaintanceship, even something as stupid as a ‘facebook friendship’—with someone who was spreading rumors, hate, bigotry, racism, etc. No friend, fear of persecution, crush, boyfriend, acquaintance is worth more than standing up for what’s right. There should be NO PLACE on this earth for this kind of hate. You don’t have to agree on everything, but that doesn’t mean you get to hate something. My friend Zach decided to have a little amusement and grammatically correct a kid on my cousin’s wall. In response this kid said this to my friend (along with something else I won’t repeat) —to a man whom I consider to be family—a brother to me: “I can’t stand gays” then went on to clarify some more with “I hate gays.” Really? You hate them? Do you realize how strong of a word “hate” is? There’s only one thing stronger than hate and that’s love. You really think it’s ok to hate someone because of who they love? (here’s a clue—It’s NOT). You say you have freedom of speech? Sure you do, but read the whole thing—analyze it in perspective of what came first. Declaration of Independence –All men are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights—Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. So yes, you have the freedom of speech—but only in so that it doesn’t spit hatred in people’s faces.

Like I said, Hate is a strong, strong word—with love being the only thing stronger. Hate is often used as an emotion. It’s not an emotion—it’s a state of being. You hate one thing, that hate will grow to 2 things, then 3, then 4—everything is connected and eventually you will hate most things. That hate will consume you until it’s destroyed you. Hate is like cancer. It will grow and grow and eat away at you little by little until you are nothing and have nothing and no one. The only thing that can stop hate is love.

Another idea—hate is a defense mechanism of sorts. Clint Eastwood said, “The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice.” An anonymous quote, “Hate is like a veil worn to disguise fear and ingnorance.” Another quote by a man named Dick Gregory is “If a man calls me a ****, he is calling me something I am not. Then **** exists only in his own mind; therefore his mind is the ****. I must feel sorry for such a man.” Color, race, creed, sexual preference, etc. does not define someone. A man is a man. And to hate someone because of the color of their skin, their race, their religion, their sexual preference means that you are afraid—you’re afraid because you’re ignorant.

After thinking about this kid’s words—a kid who is a wannabe whatever who is just a kid—I realized that I’m upset that he could say something so defamatory, but more than that, I feel sorry for the kid. I choose to not hate back. I pity him and others that choose to hate without reason. That hate will consume them, destroy them bit by bit. I’ve heard “well, he’s just a kid” – then I feel even more sorry for him. His hate is young and unless he learns to love rather than hate, it’s going to grow and grow and consume him even faster. I don’t agree with how many don’t think kids can or should be held responsible for their actions and words. Kids themselves think they are invincible—that they are free to do and say anything and they won’t get in trouble because they know they can only be punished so much. I think we should hold kids responsible—almost more than adults. Maybe if we held kids responsible for crap they say and do, there would be less adults in the world who say and do crap because they were never taught a lesson as kids. The world would be a better place if we put a little more effort into enriching the lives of children and teenagers: instilling at home and in schools what is right and how to treat people with respect and honor. Those whose hatred is motivated by bigotry and racism lead to learn that all people deserve love and that we must treat all people with dignity and respect. We, You, Whoever, don’t have to agree on choices, lifestyles, whatnot, but we must still be respectful and loving. If you have to, rely on the good old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

4th of July

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday...even more than Christmas. This is probably because I am a history nerd. I love the get-togethers that happen with 4th of July. Next year I'm planning on going to Boston for the 4th, but this year I am going to Nashville. It is going to be a relaxing, refreshing time including me, a book, some music, and a pool. I just need to get away from everything for a couple days and this is the only chance I'll get for awhile. It will be nice to get to the country. I'm staying at my aunt and uncle's house just south of Nashville--such a beautiful area. It's not southern France or a secluded beach in the Caribbean, but it'll do for is just a mini-holiday after all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Went Mental Yesterday

I spent the entire day yesterday (Wednesday) thinking that it was actually Tuesday. The ENTIRE day. It's been a crazy week. I even wrote it in an e-mail. It wasn't until about 5:30 when I walked out the office doors when I just stopped dead in my tracks and asked myself, "wait, what day IS it?" I pondered for a few seconds and told myself, "it's tuesday. right?'s tuesday..." but still not quite believing myself, I got to my car and looked at my phone and sure enough it said Wednesday. No idea what happened to that other day I worked. Must have something to do with that strange bump I had on my head through Monday. For the record, I didn't ask and answer myself out loud...I did it in the privacy of my own head.

I also had some really good sushi last night that really filled me up. Boston roll and Spicy Tuna roll. And then Mr. Li, the sushi chef who evidently likes my father and Alec, decided to offer a half roll of octopus, crab, and asian pear wrapped in really thin cucumber instead of seaweed (and no rice). I ate it because it would've been rude not to, even though I wasn't too sure about the octopus. Last time I had octopus a suction cup stuck to the roof of my mouth. But it was really good.