Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The past 4 days have been a blur. I left for Boston at 4:30pm Friday, got to Raven's in NJ at 7am Saturday and dropped off the dog, then picked up Allison at 8, and got to Boston about 2:30pm (Sat). We left Boston about noon on Sunday, dropped Allison off about 5:30pm and then went to Gateway to pick up the dog and hang out for about an before having to leave to drive back to Atlanta to be at work on Monday. Yeah.

So we got to the hotel in Cambridge at 2:30, right? Since Rachel's wedding was a 15 minute cab ride away and started at 3:00, this was not good. It was doubly not good because my hair was not pretty at all and my makeup was non-existant. By the time I was as presentable as I was going to get, we had 10 minutes to get to the church. We were 5 minutes late and Rachel's brother snuck us in the side door right before Rachel started walking down the aisle (I know, horribly uncouth). The wedding was in the Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street. Like most things in Boston, it is a very old and beautiful also does not have air conditioning and it had to be at least 90 degrees that day. And old churches like that tend to not have good circulation and hold the heat. But it was a beautiful church with a long center aisle. The church:

The reception was a few blocks down from the church at The Harvard Club. This was a totally walkable distance...had I not chosen to wear 5 inch stilettos. There was some time to kill, so I suggested we just chill at a coffeeplace (Pavement) a couple blocks down Mass Ave from the Harvard Club, so really we added a total of 3 blocks to what it should've been. I was in pain by the time we reached the door. Cocktail hour was upstairs in the room with highly-notable Harvard alumni (including John Adams, of course) engraved on the walls with a ginormous portrait of George Washington. We then went into the ballroom which was just so beautiful and stately.
There was no bouquet toss...which is sad, but hey, I think it's a jinx anyway. There was some dancing and some great asian-inspired food. The club:

After the wedding, I slept like a rock. Probably has something to do with having been awake for 40 hours. The next day I dragged Allison to Quincy to visit Peacefield and show her where I plan on eloping/getting married (all I need is the guy...eventually, not now). It's beautiful and while weddings are technically prohibited, I'm hoping I'll be able to work something out. I want to get married in the little patch of green in the garden in front of the stone library.
Library and the rearview of Peacefield (Adams estate):

Then headed back to Jersey to drop off Allison and then pick up my dog at Gateway. Hung out at the church for about an hour before having to leave. I made it to 2am before I decided I had no choice and would have to stop and get a hotel for a few hours. I was fine with sleeping in the car at a rest area until someone reminded me of that guy who shot people at rest areas for no apparent reason. I got a crappy motel instead. I got the hotel at 2am and was back in the car at 6am. I had a schedule to keep. About 2 hours from home, Quincy decided he was carsick and puked on the backseat. That was nasty. An hour away from home, I hit traffic. Bad traffic...the cause of which involved 3 US Customs and Border Control vans. Maybe there was an accident with a truck and a bunch of illegals came spilling out? Finally got home and got right to work. Since there wasn't internet at the office, I worked from home for a few hours before crashing and going to sleep.

I am now attempting, have been for awhile actually, to understand and figure out something called TL 9000. The more I try to understand what the heck it is and what on earth I'm supposed to do, the more confused I get. It's stupid. I don't know who created the thing, but I do know where he's going when he dies...and it ain't up. Oh and I have a week and half to figure it out because there's an audit. One guy sent me a "helpful" link that was full of technical jargon. I DON'T KNOW TECHNICAL CRAP! I had to be shown how to burn a CD back in college. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I'm also not sure what good it does to have the audit in Atlanta when nothing technical is in atlanta...but whatever.

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