Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Park

So yesterday I took the dog to the dog park. He always looks like he wants to play with the dogs in the apartment complex but with a 10 foot leash that's kind of difficult. So I found a dog park (of which there are many in greater Atlanta) and took Quincy for some fun. This dog park has a separate section for large dogs and small dogs. At 30 pounds, Quincy is right on the border (small dog section is up to 30 pounds). I decided for our first trip (because there were a LOT of big dogs in the large dog section) to stay in the small dog section. I don't think he's a big fan of small dogs. Also, while he looks interested and like he wants to play, he has trouble figuring out HOW to play and he ended up marking a bunch of trees and then laying down at my feet. But then this guy came in with 5 dogs--one being a large wirey german bird-dog dog...Quincy perked up but unfortunately bird-dog was as unfamiliar with the idea of playing as Quincy...they both laid down on the ground.

I did talk to a nice older guy (like 60s) who brought his two little dogs to try to socialize them...yeah at one point it was them and quincy...not much socializing, lemme tell ya. Anyway, I talked to him for probably an hour, but the funny part was when he asked what my dog's name was. Here:

Man: So what's his name?
Me: Quincy (it comes out as quinzee when I say it)
Man: Quinzy? Like with a 'z'?
Me: No, Quincy with a 'c'
Man: you're not from Atlanta are you...
Me: haha, nope.
Man: where are you from?
Me: For the most part, I grew up in Jersey.
Man: You don't really sound like you're from New Jersey
Me: Most people don't...I think the jersey accent's a myth

Later when I'm leaving...
Man: You know, sometimes you sound like you're from NY, then you sound like you're from down south, then you sound like neither, and you even have a slight british accent to some things...
Me: Yeah, I get that a lot. Once I acquire an accent, I can't really get rid of it completely and it randomly shows up depending on the word I'm saying...not sure if it's a blessing or a curse.
Man: [laughs] you're funny. It was nice meeting you.

It was a fun time...even when the annoying child came in and sat down next to me and yelled questions right in my ear about quincy and other random dogs. Ok, 1. Personal space little girl I've never before seen in my life. And, 2. Can society go back to teaching children "seen and not heard" or "speak when spoken to"?

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