Friday, July 30, 2010


So there are these spiders that like to congregate in the corners of my front door (on the outside thank god). No one else by me has these spiders...or webs. My aunt suggested I get Home Defense and spray it around the door because it worked for her and she's in Nashville which is only 4 hours away. I bought some and sprayed it this morning. Now, this spray said it kills/keeps away ants, other bugs, and spiders...except for brown recluse and black widows (the horribly poisionous spiders).

Let's just say the spray did not kill the spiders. Now guess who's freaking out?

Have you seen what happens when you get bit by a brown recluse? It's horrible. nasty. disgusting. I nearly threw up when I saw the picture...and now thinking about it again.

It did make them move and I then smashed the living daylight out of them but there is one more higher up that I can't reach. At least they are outside...I've very rarely had a spider in my apartment and they are harmless ones.

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