Monday, July 26, 2010

Gettin there...

So after 4 months of living in Georgia, I think I'm getting used to the heat. I also now fully understand why the belles are getting fanned in the nap scene in Gone With the Wind. I've decided to figure out where I put the fan I bought in Spain so I can carry it around with me. It would work so much better than a stiff piece of paper.

I also brought my plant into the office. It was dying at home due to lack of sunlight (I leave the blinds shut to keep the heat out), and since I've got a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall window behind me, I brought it here. This plant is resilient...I forgot to water it for about 5 months once and it was still alive. Probably because then it at least had sunlight. Since we moved to a new suite, I now have a bookshelf in my office. Today I brought in the pictures I've been waiting to bring in forever. I could've taken them to the old office, but I knew we were moving so I waited. I've got one of those "inspiration" pictures--with a twist. It says, "I'm fairly certain that if given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." The other picture has more of a story. Back when I was a college graduate and had no real job, and after I'd come back from Spain, my father paid me to start demolishing the inside of a house he'd bought in Michigan. That was fun. I had a fubar and just started swinging. I got a couple nail holes in my body, but it was still fun. Very therapeutic. I pulled out carpet (to reveal a beautiful wood floor), knocked down kitchen cabinets and destapled the floor. I also started taking down wallpaper. That was...special. The first wallpaper I pulled was (once) goldish with velvet texturing (from like the 60s) and I pulled it down to discover hot pink wallpaper with Revolutionary war scenes on it (in the main hallway mind you). Well, I had to look twice at first because I realized that John Adams was on the wallpaper. I decided the wallpaper must be saved...I now have a piece of the whole wall (because the wallpaper wouldn't come off) framed and it's going to hang in my office. Also brought in my Trump, Maxwell, and Friedman books.

Also. 5 days till vacation. Smoky Mountains here I come. Can I dress up like a hillbilly to go to Dollywood? I'm not sure if I'll go to Dollywood or Dixie Stampede...which would have more fun mocking possibilities?

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