Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's incredibly disturbing what comes out of a 13 or 14 year old girl's mouths these days...what on earth is happening to the youth of America?? I wasn't an angel, but compared to what I've seen/heard lately, I must seem like Mary the mother of Jesus... Not even the people I went to North with would be caught dead talking the way kids talk today. The media is at fault, but not to blame. Who is letting the kids listen to and watch things like Twilight, True Blood and Gossip Girl? Parents. It's not just a tv show or movie or a song people. It gets into your head--into their heads. Many teenagers and younger have a difficult time distinguishing reality from fantasy. Gossip Girl is geared towards high schoolers...which considering what the characters do and how they behave on the show is just scary. And Twilight and True Blood? Millions of people are going absolutely nuts over Twilight (badly-written books and horrible screenplays btw)--imagination is good, but the fantasy world of vampires being promoted as good? really? Everytime I see hoards of people lining up or screaming in groups for Twilight, I think, what if all that energy was directed towards God? (Similar idea with Harry Potter, which I can't really say much about bc I've never read or seen HP) And then there's True Blood...True Blood is just plain old porn...it's just porn with an actual storyline. I tried to watch it once just to see what all the hype was about...It's disgusting in my opinion.

Whatever happened to shows like Family Matters, Step-by-Step, Full House, 21 JumpStreet, etc? I remember when I wasn't allowed to watch Friends...Friends can now be lumped in with Family Matters compared to what's on tv now.

My question is: How can this crap even be allowed on tv? How did we go from Dick Van Dyke not being able to share a bed with his wife to full-on seeing it all happen--and between two people who just met?

And an even bigger question is: Why are parents allowing their young teenagers to watch this stuff? Even 7-8 year olds I know have seen Twilight and Gossip Girl. Parents, there are family locks on tv's now--use them.

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