Sunday, July 11, 2010


Tanlines are annoying things.

When I ran the LA Marathon, I didn't wear any sunscreen whatsoever. I mean, the race starts at like 8am, so why would I need sunscreen? I should've checked the weather because by 9 the sun was blaring in the sky and it was 95 degrees. Fast-forward to the finish line when I was not even a lobster...I was the purple people-eater. Luckily I was so sore that I didn't notice the pain from the sunburn...until I scratched an itch. Anyway, for that marathon (which I ran with the university), the school had given us jerseys to wear. They were really nice, lightweight, marathon running jerseys (that I wish I knew where it was now)--but they had a small scoop neck and 2 inch shoulders. When you get tanlines that serious, they don't go away easily. No matter how you manipulate the sunscreen or wear certain things, that tanline just doesn't want to go away. Years later, I am still fighting with that tanline. My shoulders are ALWAY tanner than my collarbone area and it drives me nuts. When I tanned in a cancer box for nearly a year, they did pretty much go away, but now the lines are back. I should probably just learn to accept it.

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