Thursday, July 29, 2010

That's It!

I've decided I can't handle contacts anymore.

I've put myself on a total spending freeze (except for vital things like food and gas and rent and car) until I've got enough money for lasik. This may take longer if I decide to go the new route with wavelight lasik or just regular lasik. wavelight is wider so you don't get glare and/or halos at night...but my pupils also don't really get that big unless they're dilated, so I should be fine with regular lasik. Regular is also only $1000 per eye, rather than $2500 per eye. That's at the Atlanta Institute though...I'm wondering if I should go to Emory Vision...they are one of the better medical schools.

Oh, this freeze will start in October by the way.

Lasik will be my birthday present to myself next year...unless someone else wants to put me out of my misery and pay for it now. Any takers??

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