Thursday, July 22, 2010


I got the ok to have the TL 9000 (Quality management system thingy I don't understand in the slightest) audit postponed so I can stop completely freaking out! Yay!

Freakout will most likely commence again after vacation...depending on the new dates of the audit. You'd think that since the company is technically already certified, it wouldn't be a problem...I don't get why they can't just switch the name.

Also. I love Crystal Light. It's carb-free, sugar-free, and only 3 calories per serving. SCORE. That's 0 (zero) points on weight watchers. Which would be awesome if I was doing weight watchers. I'm not but it's still awesome.

I'm going to pick out furniture this afternoon for the office. We have 3 pods of office furniture and I get to go help sort it and least decide what I want in my office. Do I want a couch or 2 chairs?? I kind of want a couch...much easier to nap on. (Just kidding!) If I had a couch, Quincy would have a place to lay down if I ever brought him to work. The floor is not an option...just ask my friend Raven. Her mom tried to put quincy on the floor this weekend and he was not having it. But yeah, I'm going to do that. That should be interesting. Oh man, I hope there aren't strange gross bugs or spiders. Speaking of spiders, my apartment door (on the outside) is like infested with them. None of the other doors have spiders, but mine does. I'll knock them down and a couple weeks later they're back in bigger force. It's annoying the heck outta me. I hate spiders. I'm pretty sure I've got 2 spider was 2 weeks ago and I can still see the spot.

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