Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As you may know, Quincy doesn't have a voice--he can't bark or cry (although he does try). He came this way, I didn't do it. Anyway, I've gotten pretty good at reading his face to determine what he wants. I can tell if he's happy, sad, indifferent, and pissed. The pissed look is just kind of funny. Take last night...I gave him a bath and then would not let him on the bed, or out of the room (he takes forever to dry). Well, he wasn't happy. I'm pretty sure he considers it HIS bed, not mine. When he stopped trying to climb the stairs to nowhere (he has stairs onto the bed but I moved them to the middle of the room so they literally went nowhere) because I moved them against the wall in fear that he would go up and over, he laid down next to the bed and gave me this look:

Yup, not happy. I'm considering not letting him on the bed at all anymore...not sure how well that will go...

Monday, August 30, 2010


Right so the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks is back--for fall. Unfortunately, I live in Atlanta where it is still 85-90 degrees outside...and come october 1 it will still be 80 degrees. That's a problem for me. I like fall. It is my favorite season--I love the cold but not freezing weather (i.e. perfect for pumpkin spice lattes and sweatshirts or scarves). Granted the humidity is started to die down here which is nice...the ability to breathe air is a plus. BUT I WANT THE COLD WEATHER! I'll be in Cleveland mid-September so maybe I'll get a little glimpse of fall? I'll also be in jersey in october (West Ham vs. Arsenal...not a game I'm going to watch alone, so I'm going up north) so they'd better have some chilly stuff for me. I'm also tired of using the air conditioning. In CA I hardly ever used the air conditioning and here I have to use it every single freaking night...and I don't like it. If I wasn't on the ground floor, I'd open my windows...but there's no way I'm opening my windows at night or while I'm not home. Plus anytime before dark I can't open them because of the screaming children. 1. Someone needs to teach their kids to not scream like that unless a stranger is trying to take them, and 2. the area outside my living room window IS NOT A PLAYGROUND. I'm not so good with tolerating other peoples' kids...outside of children of family and friends. Which makes the fact that I spent a year working with 3-8 year olds hilarious to everyone around me because that's pretty much the age range that I have the most trouble with...give me a baby, give me a pre-teen, give me a teen, I'm great...the rest of them need adderol.

Right, so I wandered off on a rant. Fall--miss it, want it.

Also, still really want to move to the bay area--in particular San Mateo. But so far, that's a no-go. Partly because I'm needed in Atlanta and partly because no matter where in CA you live, it's expensive (though not as expensive as New Jersey). I've been looking for new apartments (in Atlanta-- and the bay area too just for the heck of it lol) because when looking up the phone number for my apartment complex I found apartmentrating.com. Yikes...I've not had any problems other than my air conditioner which happens to everyone in Atlanta...but people have pictures and stories (recent ones too) that make me cringe. I'm also now afraid of the kids on skateboarders who evidently are some kind of burglary gang that has been caught by renters cutting screens to break in but the cops say they can't do anything. Oh yeah I'm thrilled I'm on the first floor now...yeah my lease is up in March and I'm going to be gone...

Ha wandered off again. Fall. this post was about wanting fall

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crazy dog

I just got home to discover the dog ate half a batch of snickerdoodles off the kitchen table.

I'm not mad, and he's fine. I wish I had a video of it though...the table's kinda high, I'm not sure how he did it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dali Exhibit

I'm going to the High Museum tomorrow for the Salvador Dali exhibit. I've never been a huge art person, but I really like Dali. I think I'm more excited to go to the High than I was when I went to the Louvre...course that may be because the Mona Lisa is TINY and kind of a disappointment...and I was 14. I'm starting to appreciate things like art and opera now that I'm older. Ok, I lied, I don't usually appreciate opera...unless I'm changing the station.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Next time you're at the grocery store and the checkout person asks you, "Paper or Plastic?" You just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I am bi-sacksual."

Try it and report back -- asap.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Office Pictures! (Finally)

My bookshelf and chairs (and corner of my desk):

My desk...it's in a somewhat orderly state--better than it has been the past couple of weeks:

This is the empty corner where I really want the Mad Hatter thing to go (though it has disappeared from the front of the starz office, so it may not happen):

This is on the wall to the right of my desk. I like it. "I'm fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world."

GPOYW Featuring Brian the Beautiful Mermaid

So this one time at the beach (freshman year of college) we decided to make Brian into a mermaid (just like Joey on FRIENDS). He kept complaining that his boobies were lopsided.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I haven't seen the movie yet. If there is a movie made from a book, I have to read the book before I'll see the movie. I'm almost done with the book--I'm about 1/3 of the way through Indonesia (last section). One part in the India section of the book that caught my eye (pretty much the only one since it was difficult getting through the hindu stuff), was when Texas Richard tells "groceries" (as he calls the author) about what a soul mate is. I loved it. And now here it is:

"A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you
everything that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own
attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most
important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and
smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever. Nah. Too painful.
Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself
to you, and then they leave. And thank God for it."

I really like this thought. It's putting "soul mate" on the same playing field as "kindred spirit" (see Anne of Green Gables), rather than at the level of spouse or partner. It takes the pressure off the often heavily-weighted, scary, commitment-phobic nightmarish thought of soul mate

I know that I've had relationships of one kind or another (often strange and undefined) with a "soul mate"--but they definitely aren't guys I could spend my life with. And that makes me feel a lot better about it all, and makes me feel like I'm not really that big of a marriage-phobe. I'm not a commitment phobe--until it gets to the point of marriage then I freak out a little bit. Maybe that's good though. I'm not overly, or remotely, obsessed with the idea of a wedding and marriage so maybe I have a better chance of finding the right man for the right reasons and when I do, the idea of marriage won't freak me out at all. Marriage is for life (at least it's supposed to be) and I'm only 25...the more time I wait, the less time I have to spend with a husband (lol just kidding!). I realized with my cousin's kids that I'm not willing to give up my life for kids right now...and if you're not ready for kids, you shouldn't marry (you never know when that pill won't work...I know someone who used 3 kinds of contraceptives at once and still got pregnant).

Ok, I'm done rambling. I just really like that quote...and maybe people will stop telling me I need to not be so picky with what I want in a man. I've seen enough in my lifetime to know you HAVE to be picky. While a goal is to be married and happy, it's better to be single and happy then married and miserable.

Ok now I'm really done.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I am well aware that snuggies have been around awhile, but this is the new commercial set to the macarena.

I like the man with the snuggie centerfold...scandalous! hahaha

Get YOUR blanket with sleeves today!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Short Weekend

It seemed like a short weekend anyway.

I left Friday night to go visit my aunt and uncle because my cousin and his wife and kids were coming. I got there about 9:30ish so the kids were asleep, although maggie did make an appearance around 10pm...with a slightly devilish smirk on her face.

Saturday was fun. Spent the morning in the pool. Charlie wouldn't get in the pool, but he did enjoy throwing toys/water weights/pool brushes into the pool (nailed me in the back of the head with a filled water gun)...good arm for a 2 year old. My uncle, my cousin Jason, his wife Katie, and I all spent some time trying to get onto this blow-up sphere that only works if there are 2 people or more but we were determined to make it work with 1 person. Jason came the closest. I did very poorly. I was too much towards the front and just (gracefully mind you) dove head first into the water and ended up doing a flip in the process. There's video on my facebook of it.

Quincy did well with the little people. He's never really been around small people before. He was a little apprehensive, but he was friendly. The kids were good too--didn't pull his hair and one only tried to poke him in the eye once. They sat with him and petted him (is 'petted' a word?). Here's a picture of Charlie with Quincy:

Unfortunately I had to leave Sunday morning so I could get back and get some work done. Wish I could've stayed at least through dinner Sunday since my aunt and uncle's friend Paul was coming for bbq and he's a nice, good-looking, single guy with a great voice in his mid-30s. Oh well, next time.

The audit I've been getting ready for is this Thursday and Friday. YIKES. I can't wait till it's over. Even though it's never really over because you have to do internal audits...not to mention if we don't do well on the audit this week, we have to fix crap and do the audit again. Hopefully we pass with flying colors. On second thought, maybe I'll wear an Ally McBeal suit...ya know, just to be safe. Or maybe regular work outfit on Thursday and if it's not going well, I'll pull out the short skirt and heels for Friday.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Yay for Friday!

I didn't give Quincy a bath, I found a groomer open till 9. Now he is clean, had a shed-less treatment, and got his teeth brushed.

I'm excited to go to my aunt and uncle's house this weekend. My cousin and his wife and kiddies will be there. I haven't seen them since Christmas 2008. I don't even think Charlie was walking yet and now he's 2. I don't know how it happens, but my cousins kids are all getting bigger and growing up, and I'm not aging at all...(If I keep telling myself that, it'll be true, trust)

my arms hurt from the gym. especially my right one...particularly the elbow region. which is weird. I don't hurt until the second morning, which is probably why they tell you to workout only one region a day and let that region rest for at least 2 days...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give a Dog a Bath

So, unless I can get to the groomer by 6, I'm going to have to give Quincy a bath myself. I've never really given a dog a bath before...I've rescued dogs from pools, but no baths. I'm kinda nervous. What if I do it wrong? And before you ask, "is there a wrong way to give a dog a bath?" If you google "How to give a dog a bath" then yes, there is a way. You don't wash all the soap out and he'll get hotspots and you'll have to shave his hair off and I promised him I would never shave his hair off. If you think he's insecure with his full coat, you should see him when he's shaved. Also, if you get soap in his ears and it doesn't get washed out or gets grimey in the drum, he'll get an ear infection and possibly lose his hearing. Yeah, betcha didn't know that! So I'm paranoid I'm going to accidently deafen my dog and be forced to shave his hair off.

And if you think I'm bad with the dog, you should see what happens when I find weird freckles or marks on me...if it's circular and kinda looks like a bullseye if I squint real hard and freak myself out, I start googling lymes disease. And if it's a freckle that is raised or weird-shaped, I start googling pictures and descriptions of skin cancer. Google and WebMD should really be taken away from me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Because I miss all my friends right now, multiple pictures today:

My first trip ever to Disneyland--with my roomies 4 life Ashley and Laura:

Halloween house party! Laura is MK Olsen, Ashley is Britney (pregnant with first baby), and I'm Daisy Duke. Yeah, like ages ago:

I have this picture (well 3/4 of this picture anyway) on my fridge to keep me from eating crap.

Seany, Me, and Raven after youth one night back when the leaders would hang out after youth group:

I miss singing with Station SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! We played at the Somerville Courthouse for National Day of Prayer 2009:


I know I said "hate" is a strong word and people shouldn't use it or should at least be very careful with how they use it...well, i HATE recruiting. HAAATTTTEEEE IT. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we had a method for searching resumes/posting jobs/whatever it is you do to recruit.

And if you're wondering why I'm doing recruiting...I pulled the short straw. Also because the guy I'm helping out is from New York and it's believed that I'm the only one he won't make cry or quit. He's not mean, he's just from the northeast--NY--where people are abrasive and sound mean even if they really aren't. Being from that area I can handle it and I can tell when I'm reading sarcasm. People from other countries (obviously britain not included) aren't good with the sarcasm. I learned that in Spain. I just hate having to spend hours searching for technicians and coming up completely empty. It makes me feel like a total failure. There's nothing I hate more than feeling like a failure...I have issues with that enough as it is.

In other news, there are, according to my frequent flier e-mail update, "great winter vacation deals with DELTA Vacations from Detroit to many locations..." That's great DELTA, but how about from Atlanta? I'm not driving 10 hours to detroit from atlanta to fly to florida or the caribbean or mexico. Possibly I'd do it for Hawaii.

I'll do a GPOYW in awhile

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I've put off the "measurements" part of TL 9000 as long as possible. Now, to most human beings, measurements involve math. numbers. But our techs don't do anything that requires measuring (as I know measuring to be). I keep yelling at things "we just install cable...what the heck would you like us to measure??? how much line of cable we use everyday??" Luckily (or so I thought) my handbook has a glossary, which normally help people out.

My TL 9000 Handbook--for measurements, defines measurements as such:
"Term used to replace the term 'metrics'. Companies collect measurement data."

Huh...THAT'S helpful.

I have a Telecom Dictionary, so I look up measurements (doesn't exist), and then look up "metrics" because maybe that will be helpful. The definition in the telecom dictionary for 'metrics' is:
"Fancy word for 'measurements'"

I'm not kidding.

I've now come to realize that "measurements" is the ratio of # of screw-ups we have each month to # of jobs performed. This, however, is something I had to deduce from a 100 page manual...they don't actually say that's what measurements are, but that's it...just a simple ratio. So I say this to the people charging $$$ for these stupid books and certifications: I summed it all up in 1 sentence. There is no need to make things so much more difficult than they need to be. Especially for people who are horrible with techy stuff and terminology...I don't even know why a GB is bigger than an MB, I just know that it is.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spontaneous Fun

So the plan was to go to some farmers markets/fruit stands and a couple antique stores yesterday. To do this, I have to go at least an hour north of Atlanta. However, as I was getting ready, I checked facebook and saw that my cousin (who is visiting her parents in Nashville with her kids) was going to be in Chattanooga...which would only be like 20-40 minutes from where I was going (depending on traffic, parking, speed) so I called my uncle to see if it would be cool if I popped in, he said yes, and then I was in the aquarium. Yes, aquarium. I went willingly into an aquarium. See, about 15 months ago, my cousin had a baby. Super cute looks like a doll...and I haven't been back to Michigan to see her ever. So I saw her yesterday. Seriously so cute. We went to lunch and she's just sittin there stairing at me smiling. She also has a princess wave. Kyle (my cousin's oldest) picked her up and as he carried her she's just waving like a princess. Adorable.

Then came the sharks. I did pretty well. My heart was beating fast, but I just kept telling myself they are inside the tanks, they can't get me. Then Christie pondered (outloud for my torture) what would happen if there was a tornado. The tank would break and the sharks would fly and flop around snapping their teeth. But still, I held in there. I also figured if a 15 month old baby can handle mean nasty sharks, so can a 25 year old woman. I still won't go in water where I can't see my feet. So basically, the eastern seaboard is out. And the sharks are way to plentiful in florida and CA and Hawaii. So I'll go in the Caribbean and Cabo and the Mediterranean. That's about it. And I've heard ALLLLLLLL the statistics and how it's more likely to get struck by lightning than eaten by a shark, but I don't care.

So that was fun. I enjoyed the aquarium. I also am so glad I finally met Katelynn. I'll be heading to Columbia (TN) this weekend since my cousin Jason is coming down with his wife and kids...who I also haven't seen in forever. Charlie wasn't even a year old and now he's a toddler, and Maggie is in 2nd year of preschool. I should not have let work get in the way of family for so long.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

So this is the Weekend...

9pm Friday: I turn on AC when inside temp hits 80.
10:30pm Friday: I check AC wall thingy...inside temp now says 82, instead of 76.

ummmm...air is blowing - not hot air, but not cold air either.
Woohoo...August in Atlanta is not the time for an AC system to break. Luckily it's actually kinda breezy and not hot outside and I discovered (when I looked up) that I have a ceiling fan in my office area. which is nice because I'm currently working...on a saturday. I also discovered that the windows to the right of my desk open...isn't that nice? they don't open to the outside though, they open to the sunroom. but I opened the windows in the sunroom so maybe the breeze is coming through. The dog is sleeping like a baby on the couch so at least he's fine.

I went to Walmart to get my tire fixed. It was a struggle trying to get the man who's first and close to only language was not English to understand that I didn't want a new tire, I just needed the flat tire repaired. ya know, $80 difference there. Another person, a woman who definitely was the boss of all these guys (not literally, she just decided she was the boss and enjoyed pushing the guys around...they needed it too), helped me out, told me it'd be an hour and then I wandered around walmart for an hour. I watched a lady pick up an Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton edition) notebook, look at it, put it back, pick it back up, put it back, pick it back up, put it back...she did it like 10 times before she picked up the notebook with a pug on it and just put it in her cart without really looking at it at all. I'm sure I had quite the bemused look on my face.

After a little over an hour I went back out to the tire area but they weren't done so I sat down on a bench outside (nice cool breeze) and pulled my book out of my purse (yeah, I'm one of those) and read for about another 40 minutes. Eat, Pray, Love is a nice book. It's certainly not the best--reads similar to a chicklit book--but it's catchy and readable and I'll finish it quickly.

Now I'm working. The deadline for TL9000 is very VERY quickly approaching so I just have to work more than 8-5, 5 days a week. Thankfully with the help of my brother and his web genius and my pretty new computer that I haven't really gotten to use for work before because I haven't managed to put Office on it yet, I am flying through uploading lots and lots of documents and setting up website user accounts, etc. I'm feelin kinda smart right now haha

Ok, back to work.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I love Friday.

I don't know what to do this weekend, other than my Saturday long run. I'm waiting till October to go to Savannah and Tybee Island so that's out. I've considered going to Nashville since my cousin will be there with her baby that after 15 months still haven't met, but I can't really because I need to get my passenger side tires repaired before driving longer than 30 minutes (nashville is 4 hours)...and I needed an oil change about 1000 miles ago.

I've got a project for work that is in near-emergency mode and an apartment to clean so I guess I will be running, getting the car fixed up, cleaning, and working this weekend. Huh, doesn't really sound like a weekend...but I also did just take a week's vacation last week. And labor day weekend is coming up, and then I'll be in Cleveland mid-September.

I've also decided that I think I should take another business trip out to the West Coast. This time hitting Vegas, NoCal, Oregon and Washington...it doesn't matter that we don't have a branch in NoCal.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just saw some pictures of where I used to live and walk in DC everyday...wow, seriously flooded. Wonder what all the homeless people did when the flood came...there are SO MANY homeless people there.

101st Post!

I missed the 100th. Darn.

So about the TL 9000 stuff that I'm still doing and don't understand...I still don't really understand it, however, it did get a lot less stressful. I think.

Found out yesterday from the only person that came over to Viasys from Ajilon that all the quality procedures and documents and such were on an h-drive.

This morning we found the drive and passwords and EVERYTHING is on there. Among other things, HR, Finance, Management, and most importantly for my sanity, Quality is on there.

yeah. So a serious amount of stress and frustration is off my shoulders. Although, there is a bit of "are you freaking kidding me?!?!" going on in my mind right now. I could have been not-stressing for 3-4 weeks now. And then the fact that I spent 2 or 3 months creating (3) employee handbooks from scratch and guess what's on the h-drive? 2 similar employee handbooks to mine. Oh well, it was probably better that I researched and wrote them...can't change the past.

What's important is that I don't have to overstress and we won't miserably fail the TL 9000 audit.

Now if only I could convince the powers-that-be to hire a real recruiter or 2 so I don't have to do it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ha Ha Time

1. I had one (small) glass of wine at dinner last night. I then discovered that my remote for my car does NOT open my apartment door. When 6 ounces of red wine does this, you know I pretty much never drink anymore...especially since I drank a large glass of water after the wine.

2. The squirrels here are really freaky. Last night I walked Quincy, and stopped at the dumpster to dispose of his ya know, and sitting on top of the dumpster is a huge squirrel holding a chicken bone in his mouth (like a dog would). Then this morning a squirrel threw a nut at me and it hit my shoulder and it kinda hurt for a second.


Well, hello 2004. Roomies plus Kim and Lauren (sisters of roomies) in our sophomore year apartment. Yes, yes that is a grass wall and a pink couch. And we are wearing sunglasses inside because duh, we're uber-cool. hahaha...of course I'm wearing the most unflattering thing ever. Oh well.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

I don't know.

Curious and curiouser.

Do You Know?


so I'm helping out one of the project director's with recruiting...

I'm so not the right person for this...I'm legal, not technical.

I got an e-mail from him asking me to find some "Level 2 Power Installers" for GA, Vegas, and WA. 1. I don't have a clue where to find these techs, and 2. What is a power installer?

Yeah...I'm legal. Give me contracts, give me policies, legal questions, labor questions...but recruiting? So not my forte. We really have to hire new recruiters asap.


Spin fun, leg strength-training felt good.

Now, I'm frustrated with this TL 9000 crap again. It's a daily frustration. We found a bunch of stuff from the last certification, EXCEPT FOR THE ONE THING I NEED. Theoretically, the previous handbook has to exist somewhere. Unfortunately, theory is not always reality.

Kickbox oughtta be fun tonight!

Monday, August 9, 2010


My first spin class is in an hour. Well, more like an hour and a half, I just have to sign in by 5:15.

Anyway, I'm kinda scared. I can ride a bike around Mackinaw Island (10 miles) pretty easily, but the idea of being in an actual class scares me. I'm currently imagining Jillian Michaels yelling at me to not phone it in (still no idea what that means). I also prefer to have control and in a class, the trainer has the control. I never really thought I was a control freak until recently...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ok, so I decided that I could spare enough money a month (out of my "fun money") to get a gym membership. Yes, I have a free gym at the apartment complex and another one at work, but they aren't good enough. They are mostly cardio machines. Which you'd think would be good. But as a part of my membership I get a personal trainer. Today I met with him (very good looking by the way...and former college football player for Washington). Anyway, he made me tell him what I typically eat in a day and then I got yelled at. He high-fived me for my good choices, but I evidently don't eat nearly enough... He also said that I do too much cardio. With my current diet, all the cardio is burning more muscle than fat...which is very bad. However, I can't cut back on the cardio because I'm training for the disney princess half-marathon...so now I have to do a TON of more strength-training to balance out the cardio. Let me tell you, strength training with a trainer is so not fun. I thought I was going to die. Why is it that I can run miles at a time but doing squats and steps and step-kicks for 10 minutes makes my legs nearly give out? I tell ya, if Rob wasn't so nice to look at, I'd punch him in the face.

I also saw Inception (finally). Oh man, so GOOD! It is a crazy movie...I'd say better than the matrix. You have to pay attention, but it's worth it. I typically like happy go-lucky romcoms and comedies, but Inception was just amazing. Go see it if you haven't.

I am now watching Titanic on tv. It came up on Peachtree TV (yes, they ran out of roads to name 'peachtree' so they named a tv station that too) and I thought, "you know, I haven't seen titanic in many years...I should watch it." I remember it being scandalous (to a certain degree) when it came out...and now it seems so tame compared to what is on tv and in similar movies today.

PS. The dog is snoring on the couch. I wonder if those breathe right strips would work on him?


Spent last week in the Smoky Mountains.

Started off in a beautiful, huge secluded cabin. Then at 10pm on the second night it all changed. It could have been handled much earlier than 10pm, but wasn't...so at 12am we were packing up everything we owned very quickly because the cabin company ordered us to a new cabin because of bed bugs...bedbugs found in 1 room out of 7 or 8. But, whatever, new cabin in a very populated area just up the mountain from dollywood. The bright side was that it was a good 20 minutes closer to the kennel my dog was staying in.

There was a lot of drama...a LOT...and we all know how much I like drama (if you don't know, there are few things I despise more than drama). I ignored it. That's all I can do in order to stay sane and keep my mouth shut.

I agreed to go to the aquarium (minus the shark exhibit) IF Zach paid for it. He agreed. I ended up not going. I also went to Dixie Stampede. Now that is a hoot...or as my cousin Kelly said more than once during the festivities, "You know how we were all talking about what our hells would look like? ... This is mine." I especially loved the finale when Dolly came on the giant screen in all her big-boobed, collagen lip, botox'd bleached glory and sang a song about the great red white and blue...and all the casts' costumes (in red white and blue colors) lit up...and then at the climax of the song the lights started moving. Oh yes. It was hilarious.

I had nearly no internet and no cell service the whole week. It was like I was back in the 20th century. It was nice. I went hiking -- Alum Cave Bluffs trail. It was intense...leave it to me to pick one of the more strenuous trails. It was fun though. The river was so clean and pretty...and cold. The pictures are on my facebook.

Driving home yesterday was fun...I totally missed a turn somewhere in the Cherokee reservation and went 30 minutes out of my way...I figured it out -- not sure how really since my cell had no service and I don't have a map or a GPS. I just kind of guessed and managed to make my way to where I needed to be. I still made it home in 4 1/2 hours...I also stopped at a farmers market to get some fresh fruit. I got peaches even though I can't eat them without peeling them. the furry skin makes my skin crawl. It's totally worth the annoyingness of peeling a peach though - so good.