Thursday, August 12, 2010

101st Post!

I missed the 100th. Darn.

So about the TL 9000 stuff that I'm still doing and don't understand...I still don't really understand it, however, it did get a lot less stressful. I think.

Found out yesterday from the only person that came over to Viasys from Ajilon that all the quality procedures and documents and such were on an h-drive.

This morning we found the drive and passwords and EVERYTHING is on there. Among other things, HR, Finance, Management, and most importantly for my sanity, Quality is on there.

yeah. So a serious amount of stress and frustration is off my shoulders. Although, there is a bit of "are you freaking kidding me?!?!" going on in my mind right now. I could have been not-stressing for 3-4 weeks now. And then the fact that I spent 2 or 3 months creating (3) employee handbooks from scratch and guess what's on the h-drive? 2 similar employee handbooks to mine. Oh well, it was probably better that I researched and wrote them...can't change the past.

What's important is that I don't have to overstress and we won't miserably fail the TL 9000 audit.

Now if only I could convince the powers-that-be to hire a real recruiter or 2 so I don't have to do it.

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