Monday, August 30, 2010


Right so the pumpkin spice latte at starbucks is back--for fall. Unfortunately, I live in Atlanta where it is still 85-90 degrees outside...and come october 1 it will still be 80 degrees. That's a problem for me. I like fall. It is my favorite season--I love the cold but not freezing weather (i.e. perfect for pumpkin spice lattes and sweatshirts or scarves). Granted the humidity is started to die down here which is nice...the ability to breathe air is a plus. BUT I WANT THE COLD WEATHER! I'll be in Cleveland mid-September so maybe I'll get a little glimpse of fall? I'll also be in jersey in october (West Ham vs. Arsenal...not a game I'm going to watch alone, so I'm going up north) so they'd better have some chilly stuff for me. I'm also tired of using the air conditioning. In CA I hardly ever used the air conditioning and here I have to use it every single freaking night...and I don't like it. If I wasn't on the ground floor, I'd open my windows...but there's no way I'm opening my windows at night or while I'm not home. Plus anytime before dark I can't open them because of the screaming children. 1. Someone needs to teach their kids to not scream like that unless a stranger is trying to take them, and 2. the area outside my living room window IS NOT A PLAYGROUND. I'm not so good with tolerating other peoples' kids...outside of children of family and friends. Which makes the fact that I spent a year working with 3-8 year olds hilarious to everyone around me because that's pretty much the age range that I have the most trouble with...give me a baby, give me a pre-teen, give me a teen, I'm great...the rest of them need adderol.

Right, so I wandered off on a rant. Fall--miss it, want it.

Also, still really want to move to the bay area--in particular San Mateo. But so far, that's a no-go. Partly because I'm needed in Atlanta and partly because no matter where in CA you live, it's expensive (though not as expensive as New Jersey). I've been looking for new apartments (in Atlanta-- and the bay area too just for the heck of it lol) because when looking up the phone number for my apartment complex I found Yikes...I've not had any problems other than my air conditioner which happens to everyone in Atlanta...but people have pictures and stories (recent ones too) that make me cringe. I'm also now afraid of the kids on skateboarders who evidently are some kind of burglary gang that has been caught by renters cutting screens to break in but the cops say they can't do anything. Oh yeah I'm thrilled I'm on the first floor now...yeah my lease is up in March and I'm going to be gone...

Ha wandered off again. Fall. this post was about wanting fall

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