Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give a Dog a Bath

So, unless I can get to the groomer by 6, I'm going to have to give Quincy a bath myself. I've never really given a dog a bath before...I've rescued dogs from pools, but no baths. I'm kinda nervous. What if I do it wrong? And before you ask, "is there a wrong way to give a dog a bath?" If you google "How to give a dog a bath" then yes, there is a way. You don't wash all the soap out and he'll get hotspots and you'll have to shave his hair off and I promised him I would never shave his hair off. If you think he's insecure with his full coat, you should see him when he's shaved. Also, if you get soap in his ears and it doesn't get washed out or gets grimey in the drum, he'll get an ear infection and possibly lose his hearing. Yeah, betcha didn't know that! So I'm paranoid I'm going to accidently deafen my dog and be forced to shave his hair off.

And if you think I'm bad with the dog, you should see what happens when I find weird freckles or marks on me...if it's circular and kinda looks like a bullseye if I squint real hard and freak myself out, I start googling lymes disease. And if it's a freckle that is raised or weird-shaped, I start googling pictures and descriptions of skin cancer. Google and WebMD should really be taken away from me.

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