Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ha Ha Time

1. I had one (small) glass of wine at dinner last night. I then discovered that my remote for my car does NOT open my apartment door. When 6 ounces of red wine does this, you know I pretty much never drink anymore...especially since I drank a large glass of water after the wine.

2. The squirrels here are really freaky. Last night I walked Quincy, and stopped at the dumpster to dispose of his ya know, and sitting on top of the dumpster is a huge squirrel holding a chicken bone in his mouth (like a dog would). Then this morning a squirrel threw a nut at me and it hit my shoulder and it kinda hurt for a second.


Well, hello 2004. Roomies plus Kim and Lauren (sisters of roomies) in our sophomore year apartment. Yes, yes that is a grass wall and a pink couch. And we are wearing sunglasses inside because duh, we're uber-cool. hahaha...of course I'm wearing the most unflattering thing ever. Oh well.

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