Monday, August 23, 2010

Short Weekend

It seemed like a short weekend anyway.

I left Friday night to go visit my aunt and uncle because my cousin and his wife and kids were coming. I got there about 9:30ish so the kids were asleep, although maggie did make an appearance around 10pm...with a slightly devilish smirk on her face.

Saturday was fun. Spent the morning in the pool. Charlie wouldn't get in the pool, but he did enjoy throwing toys/water weights/pool brushes into the pool (nailed me in the back of the head with a filled water gun)...good arm for a 2 year old. My uncle, my cousin Jason, his wife Katie, and I all spent some time trying to get onto this blow-up sphere that only works if there are 2 people or more but we were determined to make it work with 1 person. Jason came the closest. I did very poorly. I was too much towards the front and just (gracefully mind you) dove head first into the water and ended up doing a flip in the process. There's video on my facebook of it.

Quincy did well with the little people. He's never really been around small people before. He was a little apprehensive, but he was friendly. The kids were good too--didn't pull his hair and one only tried to poke him in the eye once. They sat with him and petted him (is 'petted' a word?). Here's a picture of Charlie with Quincy:

Unfortunately I had to leave Sunday morning so I could get back and get some work done. Wish I could've stayed at least through dinner Sunday since my aunt and uncle's friend Paul was coming for bbq and he's a nice, good-looking, single guy with a great voice in his mid-30s. Oh well, next time.

The audit I've been getting ready for is this Thursday and Friday. YIKES. I can't wait till it's over. Even though it's never really over because you have to do internal audits...not to mention if we don't do well on the audit this week, we have to fix crap and do the audit again. Hopefully we pass with flying colors. On second thought, maybe I'll wear an Ally McBeal suit...ya know, just to be safe. Or maybe regular work outfit on Thursday and if it's not going well, I'll pull out the short skirt and heels for Friday.

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