Saturday, August 14, 2010

So this is the Weekend...

9pm Friday: I turn on AC when inside temp hits 80.
10:30pm Friday: I check AC wall thingy...inside temp now says 82, instead of 76.

ummmm...air is blowing - not hot air, but not cold air either.
Woohoo...August in Atlanta is not the time for an AC system to break. Luckily it's actually kinda breezy and not hot outside and I discovered (when I looked up) that I have a ceiling fan in my office area. which is nice because I'm currently working...on a saturday. I also discovered that the windows to the right of my desk open...isn't that nice? they don't open to the outside though, they open to the sunroom. but I opened the windows in the sunroom so maybe the breeze is coming through. The dog is sleeping like a baby on the couch so at least he's fine.

I went to Walmart to get my tire fixed. It was a struggle trying to get the man who's first and close to only language was not English to understand that I didn't want a new tire, I just needed the flat tire repaired. ya know, $80 difference there. Another person, a woman who definitely was the boss of all these guys (not literally, she just decided she was the boss and enjoyed pushing the guys around...they needed it too), helped me out, told me it'd be an hour and then I wandered around walmart for an hour. I watched a lady pick up an Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton edition) notebook, look at it, put it back, pick it back up, put it back, pick it back up, put it back...she did it like 10 times before she picked up the notebook with a pug on it and just put it in her cart without really looking at it at all. I'm sure I had quite the bemused look on my face.

After a little over an hour I went back out to the tire area but they weren't done so I sat down on a bench outside (nice cool breeze) and pulled my book out of my purse (yeah, I'm one of those) and read for about another 40 minutes. Eat, Pray, Love is a nice book. It's certainly not the best--reads similar to a chicklit book--but it's catchy and readable and I'll finish it quickly.

Now I'm working. The deadline for TL9000 is very VERY quickly approaching so I just have to work more than 8-5, 5 days a week. Thankfully with the help of my brother and his web genius and my pretty new computer that I haven't really gotten to use for work before because I haven't managed to put Office on it yet, I am flying through uploading lots and lots of documents and setting up website user accounts, etc. I'm feelin kinda smart right now haha

Ok, back to work.

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