Monday, August 16, 2010

Spontaneous Fun

So the plan was to go to some farmers markets/fruit stands and a couple antique stores yesterday. To do this, I have to go at least an hour north of Atlanta. However, as I was getting ready, I checked facebook and saw that my cousin (who is visiting her parents in Nashville with her kids) was going to be in Chattanooga...which would only be like 20-40 minutes from where I was going (depending on traffic, parking, speed) so I called my uncle to see if it would be cool if I popped in, he said yes, and then I was in the aquarium. Yes, aquarium. I went willingly into an aquarium. See, about 15 months ago, my cousin had a baby. Super cute looks like a doll...and I haven't been back to Michigan to see her ever. So I saw her yesterday. Seriously so cute. We went to lunch and she's just sittin there stairing at me smiling. She also has a princess wave. Kyle (my cousin's oldest) picked her up and as he carried her she's just waving like a princess. Adorable.

Then came the sharks. I did pretty well. My heart was beating fast, but I just kept telling myself they are inside the tanks, they can't get me. Then Christie pondered (outloud for my torture) what would happen if there was a tornado. The tank would break and the sharks would fly and flop around snapping their teeth. But still, I held in there. I also figured if a 15 month old baby can handle mean nasty sharks, so can a 25 year old woman. I still won't go in water where I can't see my feet. So basically, the eastern seaboard is out. And the sharks are way to plentiful in florida and CA and Hawaii. So I'll go in the Caribbean and Cabo and the Mediterranean. That's about it. And I've heard ALLLLLLLL the statistics and how it's more likely to get struck by lightning than eaten by a shark, but I don't care.

So that was fun. I enjoyed the aquarium. I also am so glad I finally met Katelynn. I'll be heading to Columbia (TN) this weekend since my cousin Jason is coming down with his wife and kids...who I also haven't seen in forever. Charlie wasn't even a year old and now he's a toddler, and Maggie is in 2nd year of preschool. I should not have let work get in the way of family for so long.

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