Sunday, August 8, 2010


Spent last week in the Smoky Mountains.

Started off in a beautiful, huge secluded cabin. Then at 10pm on the second night it all changed. It could have been handled much earlier than 10pm, but wasn' at 12am we were packing up everything we owned very quickly because the cabin company ordered us to a new cabin because of bed bugs...bedbugs found in 1 room out of 7 or 8. But, whatever, new cabin in a very populated area just up the mountain from dollywood. The bright side was that it was a good 20 minutes closer to the kennel my dog was staying in.

There was a lot of drama...a LOT...and we all know how much I like drama (if you don't know, there are few things I despise more than drama). I ignored it. That's all I can do in order to stay sane and keep my mouth shut.

I agreed to go to the aquarium (minus the shark exhibit) IF Zach paid for it. He agreed. I ended up not going. I also went to Dixie Stampede. Now that is a hoot...or as my cousin Kelly said more than once during the festivities, "You know how we were all talking about what our hells would look like? ... This is mine." I especially loved the finale when Dolly came on the giant screen in all her big-boobed, collagen lip, botox'd bleached glory and sang a song about the great red white and blue...and all the casts' costumes (in red white and blue colors) lit up...and then at the climax of the song the lights started moving. Oh yes. It was hilarious.

I had nearly no internet and no cell service the whole week. It was like I was back in the 20th century. It was nice. I went hiking -- Alum Cave Bluffs trail. It was intense...leave it to me to pick one of the more strenuous trails. It was fun though. The river was so clean and pretty...and cold. The pictures are on my facebook.

Driving home yesterday was fun...I totally missed a turn somewhere in the Cherokee reservation and went 30 minutes out of my way...I figured it out -- not sure how really since my cell had no service and I don't have a map or a GPS. I just kind of guessed and managed to make my way to where I needed to be. I still made it home in 4 1/2 hours...I also stopped at a farmers market to get some fresh fruit. I got peaches even though I can't eat them without peeling them. the furry skin makes my skin crawl. It's totally worth the annoyingness of peeling a peach though - so good.

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