Friday, September 3, 2010

Guardian Angels

I came to two realizations this morning:

1. My guardian angels (plural, I require more than 1) are seriously overworked.

2. I'm really not a very good driver. (unless I have minors in the car with me--don't worry Gateway parents, I always drove very carefully when your kids are in my car)

I can't even tell you how many times I should have totaled my car or ended up at least in critical condition. I know without a doubt that I have guardian angels because there is no other reason for my being alive. It also leads me to believe that I still have a purpose on earth to meet and as a result, I exasperate God and He's up there sighing and shaking his head, covering his face with his hand telling my guardian angels to bloody keep me alive and well (God has a British accent fyi) because I still have a purpose to fulfill.

My driving is ok--I'm an excellent offensive driver. I can cut the middle between to semi's on a two lane highway like a pro. I'm just not always a smart driver. Again, I can cut the middle b/w two semi's on a two lane highway like a pro. I'm also not always very alert. I have stopped texting/facebooking/etc while driving (for the most part), but I'm just not always aware of my high school I hit the Frenchtown Bridge while driving across it (I was sober), I tore off the skidplate on an ice pile, I lost control on black ice and did what you aren't supposed to do and nearly ran into a house (ask sean, he was there), I wasn't paying the best attention and ended up hitting a guardrail in New Mexico going 70 miles an hour. Now that one should've totaled the car and me, but ya know, angels are aces. Then there's all the times in college I just shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car. The times I accidently ran a red light and barely missed being broadsided by big trucks. And this morning, I was driving and there's this section that the middle lane switches from oncoming and going depending on the time of day. This morning it was oncoming but I wasn't even paying attention. I really should be dead right now...but it was like the cars were going through me not crashing into me. It was only like 5 seconds worth but it was crazy. My guardian angels deserve a raise.

Now tonight I'll be driving through the night by myself to visit my mom. And I hope none of the worriers in my family read this before tomorrow or else they won't get any sleep. lol But they don't need to worry because I got angels that clearly are former FBI and CIA agents.

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