Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Purchased

The office only has Maxwell House. And even if it has cream and sugar, it tastes nasty and I have decided to go back to drinking coffee black.

When I lived in CA, I got Coffee Bean pretty much everyday of senior year (sophomore and junior year I worked at the campus coffeeshop so I never paid for coffee). Unfortunately, they don't have Coffee Bean outside of socal. I do not know why...it is franchised now and a million cazillion times better than starbucks. Anyway, I have to buy it when I go out there on business, or I can buy it online. My cousin in LA bought and mailed me a big tin of CBTL's vanilla powder (they make their vanilla lattes with powder not syrup) and I tried to ration it...

So anyway, since I just cannot stand to drink the maxwell house anymore, I decided to go to the coffee bean website (coffeebean.com) and get some of my favorite coffee. I saw the above -- Black Forest. Now, they always make a Black Forest Ice Blended (has chocolate and cherry flavor) but that is chock full of calories and sugar. So now, fore a limited time, they have created a Black Forest flavored coffee. I cannot wait till it arrives! It'll be nirvana...

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