Thursday, September 23, 2010

Law School Picks

Ok, the law school list has been narrowed down to 8 plus 4 safeties. The top 8 are good schools that are well-respected but still allow for a student to actually have a life outside of school. I won't say which are my safety schools, but you could probably figure it out pretty easily. I will say, though, that I am pretty sure UConn is my #1 choice...unfortunately it's also the most expensive at $60,000 a year (for the first year and then it's $40,000 for 2L and 3L). And I know it may seem strange, but Emory (which is actually an esteemed law school) actually falls beneath the safety schools in my mind, but I figured I should throw it on the table.

Ok, please give me your opinions if you are familiar with the law schools/areas.

In no particular order (except for #1):

1. UConn (Hartford, CT)
2. Fordham (NYC)
3. Georgetown (DC)
4. Villanova (Philly)
5. Pace (White Plains, NY)
6. Case Western (Cleveland, OH)
7. Boston (do you really need me to tell you where this is?)
8. Hofstra (Hempstead, NY)
9. Quinnipiac (Hamden, CT - New Haven)
10. Pepperdine (Malibu, CA)
11. Emory (Atlanta,GA)
12. Univ. of the Pacific (Sacramento, CA)

Now, you don't really need to tell me where you want me to go...I am well-aware that the San Mateo people will want me at UoP, the socal people will want me at Pepperdine, Cleveland/MI people will want me at Case Western, and everyone in NJ/NY/CT will want me at the NY/CT/MA schools. But if you want to reaffirm that you want me closer, I won't stop you haha :) - I like feelin the love.

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