Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Sleep

I did not sleep at all last night. It was like I was high. Which frankly, I probably was. I basically fumigated my apartment last night (bugs in Atlanta are nasty). I find one bug and I wig out. So I spread dust, vacuumed and sprayed. EVERYTHING. I even vacuumed my bed. I hoisted the vacuum up onto it and vacuumed. Unfortunately the spray is extremely strong...and the pesticides made me high...and since I sprayed at about 7:30pm, there was no sleep. Even now I'm still not tired. Well, I'm started to get tired, so somewhere around 2 or 3 this afternoon I'm probably going to completely crash.

Although now I know that whenever I have to drive through the night, I can just sniff extremely strong cleaning products to stay alert instead of drinking gallons of caffeinated drinks and still falling asleep. That's probably a bad idea...considering the fumes did set my heart off. That was weird...I should probably wear a mask next time.

You're still picturing me standing on my bed vacuuming, aren't you?

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