Monday, September 20, 2010

Not like tv...

TV seriously glamourizes hospitals. Walking around Cleveland Clinic, I couldn't help but wonder what those young residents do in supply closets and after their shifts...(thank you grey's anatomy). The Clinic is so nice and a lot like Seattle Grace (greys) that you wonder if McDreamy and McSteamy are going to pop around the corner. And while that stuff actually really does happen (well, not the mcdreamy/mcsteamy part, sadly), I've decided that real hospitals are nothing like tv.

My mom's heart surgery went well and finally at about 9pm, we were allowed to see her. Tim (my stepdad) and I went back first. I've watched enough ER and Grey's Anatomy in my life to know what to expect. I know exactly what my mom is going to look like back in the I was prepared. Oh I was so not prepared. It would've been better if she was not somewhat awake because than she wouldn't have been feeling the pain. At that point, she was breathing on her own but still had the breathing tube so that was painful...and then the nurse wouldn't give her any more pain meds because they were trying to get her to the point where they could pull the breathing tube. I've seen my mom in some serious emotional pain, but never this much physical pain. She was practically writhing in pain and then getting frustrated with it which made it worse and then her machines started going off...and then I freaked out. Not outwardly--inwardly. You know how some people get shocking news or something awful happens, or they witness something, or are so afraid that they get sick? I was just about there. I thought I was going to throw up any second...the nurses are working to calm her down enough to take out the tube and her machines keep going off and I can see all this and that's when I thought I was going to pass out. Then the nurses/doctors shut the curtain and sent us back to the waiting area. I love my mom, but I couldn't get out of that ICU fast enough...I couldn't handle seeing my mom in so much pain. About 30 minutes later they let us back in but I stayed in the waiting room and let my brother and grandma go back in to see her. She was better and was being doped up. I went back in the morning to see her and she looked 100 times better--still not good, but better. She lit up when she saw me next to her bed...and didn't even remember the night before--probably a good thing she doesn't.

I left Friday early afternoon to drive back to Atlanta. Yesterday morning I got to talk to mom for a couple minutes. I'm not sure what she said because I couldn't understand or hear her very well, but she is definitely getting a little better everyday. She is able to sit up in the chair and take some short walks. If she keeps progressing, they will probably release her tomorrow (Tuesday).

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