Friday, September 3, 2010

oh for the love of...

Hah I can't say that phrase without chuckling. One time awhile back I was texting my friend Simon and he said something about how he's so good looking or something to that effect and I replied "oh for the love of pete" and he replied, "no, for the love of simon" haha so now I always stop and remember the easy-going, fun, banterish friendship we once had when I say that phrase.

Anyway, so it's Friday and this weekend is a long weekend because of Labor Day on Monday. However, I have an agreement that I wanted to get in today but had a question so I called the lady at the company, Jill, and the number wasn't working so I sent an e-mail. It was 2:30, people should still be at work right? Nope. I get an out of office reply but it tells me if I need assistance to contact this other lady, Nicole. So I sent an e-mail to that lady thinking well if she's handling Jill's work today, she'll be there. Nope. I get an out of office reply telling me if I need assistance to contact Jill. Then she gave the main office number and said to ask for corporate services. I call the number, ask and get transfered. Voicemail. OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE/SIMON!!!

haha oh well, if Jill isn't there till Tuesday, the agreement wouldn't be processed till then anyway. I just think it's ridiculous in a funny way. I'm thinking the ladies might want to coordinate a tad bit better next time.

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