Friday, September 24, 2010


Hopefully this doesn't make me sound like a lush or anything cuz I'm really not. I just occasionally like a glass of wine (preferably red) to relax or when out for dinner. I'm also kind of turned into a wino. I have an absolute favorite wine - Red Bordeaux from St. Estephe region called Chateau Calon Segur. It's been very hard to find and your best bet is to have it shipped...which is expensive. I checked to see what stores in the US are selling it and the closest place is in NJ (ironically just 15-20 minutes down the road from where I lived in Flemington--that's an annoying realization btw). So I figured "ok, I'll just have to wait until next time I go up there." Then tonight after work I decided to run by the store and pick up some sofia ( ). I wandered into the Red Bordeaux section and was just browsing when I saw this sign on what looked to be an empty wood bin that said "Last Chance" - I leaned a little and saw one bottle and then? Then I saw the label--Chateau Calon Segur 2004. I literally audibly gasped and then looked at the price and then said "screw it" and picked up the bottle and put it in my basket. I wandered around the store smiling ear-to-ear, so very happy to have my favorite, rare in the US wine...people were looking at me funny and I'm not sure the guy at the counter wanted to sell it to me. I also picked up some sofia. Which is also a fun story. there was no more on the shelf but I saw a box way up high so I made them get the ladder to get it down for me. The guy was thrilled with me lol.

So anyway, here it is:

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