Friday, September 10, 2010

Tomorrow's not "burn a koran" day

This is a doozy and long.

I am not Republican (nor am I Tea Party that just needs to go away). I am not Democrat. I am not Libertarian. I would say that I am Independent but that is technically a separate party altogether as well. So, I am nothing. I’m not getting all Nietzche on you, I’m just saying that politically, I am nothing. I tend to gravitate more towards Republican, but I don’t like to define myself as Republican. Except when I really think about it, I’m not nothing. My identity is not in a political party. My identity is in Christ. When I vote and when I discuss/debate politics, I come from the perspective of (forgive me for this over-used phrase, but it just works) “What would Jesus do, how would he think and react?” There is ONE word that comes to my mind immediately when I ask that question—LOVE. God is love.
This brings me to the current event happening/not happening on Saturday in Florida. Terry Jones, a pastor of a small church, is planning on burning a bunch of Qurans (Korans) on the anniversary of 9/11. He says God wants him to do it. Hmm…really? If Jesus was on earth today, do you really think he would be standing next to you tossing Qurans into a fire? Cuz I don’t. That would be an example of hate. God is not hate. God is love. Jones calls church goers that won’t join him “yellow-bellied” and that “our nation is in ruin spiritually.” You know what? Yeah, our nation is in spiritual ruins, but creating this kind of division is only going to make it worse. Jones has never even read the Quran. Regardless of the book, if you haven’t read it, you have no right to burn it. It’s like people burning Catcher in the Rye because they heard it was an immoral book—they don’t really know but that’s what they were told so into the fire it goes.
Is Islam wrong? Does the Quran teach jihad? Yeah it does. Abortion is wrong too but even the strongest supporters of pro-life stuff condemn those that blow up clinics and murder the doctors. Yeah, Islamic jihadists terrorized us 9 years ago. The Quran teaches that—teaches hate (and something about lots of virgins in heaven for good guys). You know what DOES NOT teach hate? The Bible. The Bible—God—teaches love, turn the other cheek. Yes, we need to stand up for what we believe in—for what is right…but we need to do it out of love. The Bible says to love your enemy. It doesn’t say, if your enemy smites you and attacks you, turn around and do something mean right back.
If you read up on Jones, you’ll probably find that he’s not a man you would want to follow. His own daughter (adult) calls him cultish and oppressive. Other former members agree. One said something interesting that caught my eye-"He wasn't a pastor who takes care of everyone," Diana Breuel, a church member in Cologne, told a German news agency. "He didn't project biblical values and Christianity, but put himself as a person in the center of things." He doesn’t put God in the center of what he is promoting with the burning. He’s really putting himself in the center. Look how spiritual HE is. HE was lied to. HE is going to go ahead with the burning. What about GOD? Mr. Jones, I don’t care what YOU think. I care what God thinks.

Another aspect of this whole Quran burning event is the problem it is causing and will cause. Already, with even just the suggestion of the burning, an effigy of Jones -- wrapped in an American flag -- was burned in Afghanistan, and Muslims in Indonesia have rallied outside the U.S. embassy threatening violence if any Korans are burned. See, it’s not about Jones being burned in effigy—it’s the fact that he’s being burned in the American flag. To the world, Jones is an example of America. He’s not just bringing acts of violence and hatred upon himself and Christianity—he’s bringing it upon all of America. I am not catholic and don’t usually pay attention to the Vatican, but their response of this burning as “outrageous and grave” is true. Jones is calling it “Burn a Koran Day”—NO 9/11 is NOT burn a Koran day. It’s 9/11 Remembrance Day. Do not take away from the lives that were lost. As someone who could’ve lost her father in the towers that day, and as someone who wasn’t sure what was going on or where her father was—if he was at the offices that day, I can tell you how I feel—how probably a lot, if not most or all of the victims and victims families feel about this burning the Koran. It’s stupid. It’s childish. It’s self-seeking. It will only bring on more terrorist attacks—it already has brought on more terrorism and the burning event hasn’t even happened yet. I hope and pray that this burning doesn’t happen because America could not take another 9/11.

Some that I know are for this burning. They say it’s an act of faith and standing up for Christ. I just don’t agree. And I’m not a bad, unchristian person for it. I’m not giving in to political correctness. I’m trying to follow what I believe God’s biggest message to be. LOVE.

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