Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend please come...

I'm excited and the next 2 days just need to go fast. I get to see my mom this weekend. I haven't seen her since my birthday in May.

I had been planning to go to RevGen in jersey--although this year I'd actually have to work as a volunteer. Last year I pretty much had a VIP wristband since I was paid office help all summer and didn't have to actually do anything when it came to the actual festival. That was nice. I rode around on the golf carts and hung out in the VIP tent and backstage. This year I would've been back to volunteering with MC Support (aka, friends of the founders' son volunteer group), but I decided I would rather spend the weekend with my mom before she has her heart surgery in a couple weeks.

So this weekend with my mom. Yay! Also Quincy will be meeting Bentley for the first time. I'll try to take ought to be pretty funny.

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