Monday, October 4, 2010

Bonus Must Have

I LOVE THIS. I would have to have my old laptop set up at home and on while I'm gone (which I'm paranoid about doing - electrical fires...i don't care about my crap just my dog). It'd be cool to have, but it might be a waste for me...I would constantly get tweets like "I'm dreaming...", "I'm running away from squirrels in my dreams", "I'm sleeping...", "I'm picking at my food piece by tiny piece", "I'm dreaming...", "I'm drinking water", "i'm hacking up the water I drank to fast without breathing", "I'm dreaming again..." See? All Quincy does is eat, sleep, and drink...probably not the best purchase I could make. But it's still really cool. I may get one for my mom--it'd be great to put on Bentley.

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