Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Stuff Friday

Ok, so I found out this couple from college just recently got married. They weren't a couple in college though. The bride was a friend of a few friends, as was the groom. And I had a couple classes with the groom. Anyway, they ended up getting married and I have to say they most definitely had THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING EVER. I saw the pictures and I swiped a couple just to show you the awesomeness:

Yes, that is the wedding party and then the bride coming up on a ski lift. The ski lift was like one huge awesome aisle. There are a ton of cool pictures but I selected ones where you could see the idea but not really the faces...and I did whiteout the last names in the third picture. And hello, do you SEE the donut cake?!

This looked like so much fun and so incredibly genius. I feel like I should start trying to come up with awesome ideas for my wedding so that I'm prepared for when it actually does happen.

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