Monday, October 11, 2010

Must Have Monday, if...

Ok, so one of the best replies I've ever gotten is this lovely from Jess ( from Sunday: "yes, all of atlanta is annoying and horrible and that is why you are moving into our garage."

Now, nevermind that if memory serves me well, Jess and a bunch of youth people turned her and Dave's garage into an office for Dave...

This must-have is purely hypothetical. If one was to move into a garage like this:

How could one make it livable? Well, the answer is a lot of paint, a giant curtain to hide the garage door, carpet, tv, a pullout couch, a couple tables, a couple ottomans, (noting that all dresser, closet, changing area is between the curtain and the garage door - yes, I know, this would be risky in a house with the Johnsons lol and use of the house kitchen would be available)and wah-la, a livable garage:

And of course, since it is the bay area, winter would necessitate some kind of space heater...or footie pajamas.

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  1. DYING with this post!!!!! OK so yeah... I failed to mention that you'll be sharing your one bedroom "studio" with Dave, his desk and 1300 books. But you're resourceful. I know you can make it work.